Drug-Induced Immune Thrombocytopenia

Results of the Testing for Drug-Dependent Platelet-Reactive Antibodies by the BloodCenter of Wisconsin


Data are from 1995-2015, provided with the permission of

Daniel Bougie PhD, Janice McFarland MD, Brian Curtis, PhD and Richard Aster, MD


[+]: Indicates drugs for which drug-dependent platelet reactive antibodies [DDAb] were detected.

[-]: Indicates drugs for which samples were submitted for testing but no DDAb were detected

* Indicates drugs for which DDAb were identified in ten or more patients.

¹Indicates drugs for which DDAb were detected only with drug metabolites.

²Indicated drugs for which DDab were dected for both intact, parent drug and metabolites.

Information about DDAb testing is available from the Platelet Neutrophil Immunology Laboratory ( https://www.versiti.org/medical-professionals/precision-medicine-expertise/platelet-white-cell-disorders)