Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D.
Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center
South Central MIRECC
Third Edition
Revised April 2008

Preface to the Third Edition
Review of the Literature
Needs Assessment
Goals of the SAFE Program
Format of the SAFE Program
Overview of Program Sessions
Documentation and Workload Credit
Publicity Efforts
Resource List

Implementation Toolkit

Appendix on Provision in a Rural Area or VA CBOC

Resources Related to OIF/OEF Service Members & Their Families

Session One: What Causes Mental Illness
Session Two: Depression/Bipolar Disorder and Their Impact on the Family
Session Three:PTSD and its Impact on the Family
Session Four: Schizophrenia and its Impact on the Family
Session Five:Communication Tips for Family Members
Session Six: Limit Setting and Boundaries with Family Members
Session Seven: Problem-Solving Skills for Families
Session Eight: Creating a Low-Stress Environment and Minimizing Crises
Session Nine: What I Can Do When My Family Member Is Angry or Violent
Session Ten: Common Family Reactions to Mental Illness
Session Eleven: Taking Care of Yourself
Session Twelve: Skills for Managing Stress Effectively as a Family Member
Session Thirteen:What To Do When Help is Turned Away
Session Fourteen:Doís and Doníts in Helping Your Family Member
Session Fifteen: Rights and Responsibilities of Consumers, Family Members, and Professionals
Session Sixteen: Empowering Your Loved One on the Journey of Recovery
Session Seventeen:What We Tell our Children and Other People
Session Eighteen:Dealing with the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness

Program Satisfaction
Treatment Outcome Measurement
Publications Regarding the SAFE Program
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