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The members of the Staff Senate (previously known as the ELC) have worked to improve policies, procedures and benefits for all employees on the HSC campuses. Additionally, they have worked to build and strengthen our campus community through development of events where fellow employees are recognized for their service, providing opportunities to communicate and work with co-workers, helping with campus safety, etc. A brief history of the Staff Senate's early years is listed below.

November 1973

  • Staff Senate founded.
  • Workers were elected to represent their colleagues.
  • Acting Chair was Ms. Grotts

December 6, 1973

  • First officers were elected to the Advisory Council Planning Committee
  • Organization was named OUHSC Employees Liaison Council (ELC)
  • 6 Members attended the inaugural meeting of the ELC
  • 2 members were elected to represent the ELC on the Task Force on Women in the University

May 1974

  • ELC Representative was selected to serve on the Search Committee for a new Provost

June 1974

  • Constitution and Bylaws were approved the the Provost, President and Regents

1975 - 1976

  • Representative selected to serve on the Fringe Benefits Committee
  • Representative selected to serve on the Affirmative Action Plan
  • Banquet for Service Awards were reinstituted (no service awards since 1971)
  • Discussion of communication within and between the 3 campuses
  • Began work on increasing leave of absence in case of family member death
  • Monthly newspaper was discussed
  • Petition for recreational facility to be built on campus
  • Investigation of who is required to participate in Teachers Retirement Plan
  • Survey taken on various campus topics (1400 mailed out, 325 responses received)
  • Appeal made for ½ secretary position to handle administrative duties of ELC
  • The ELC consisted of 7 groups, with 11 employee representatives

1976 - 1977

  • Retirement/Disability plan
  • Sick Leave Policy
  • ID Badges, Security Report from Police Chief
  • Teachers’ Retirement Plan
  • Day Care Center
  • Service Award Dinner (10 years or more of service), 5-year award ceremony
  • Grievance Procedure changes and recommendations
  • Financial Emergency defined with procedures reviewed
  • Personnel Retitling proposal
  • Grievance Committee recommended that any hourly employee serving on the committee be paid overtime from the ELC budget, if the committee work caused the overtime
  • Internal Promotion Policy was reviewed and accepted
  • ELC Newsletter plan was presented
  • ELC decided to try the TODAY campus newsletter before going to a separate newsletter

1977 - 1978

  • Promotion-Transfer policy forwarded to Dr. Sharp
  • Day Care Center for employees being looked at
  • Employee Health Service availability and Benefits were brought to the ELC
  • Revision of the Staff Grievance Procedures
  • Constitutional Review Committee was appointed
  • Parking – plans for construction of parking facility
  • Campus-wide questionnaire to get feelings from employees on areas of concern
    • Top 5 concerns: Parking; Bulletin Boards & Suggestion Boxes; Q&A by Provost in HSC Today; Vending areas, Emergency Procedures
  • Service Award Banquet committee began
  • Competitive Pay Plan introduced
  • Performance Evaluations and Training Seminars
  • Employee Health Service
  • Tuition Plan was discussed
  • Sick Leave Abuse committee
  • New stationary was approved
  • Budget committee was appointed
  • Employee Benefit booklet was produced