Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for identifying community service projects that employees, led by Staff Senate, can participate in so that the staff on campus can work together to benefit local organizations and causes. Projects on campus will include the annual Christmas Tree lighting and Reception; conducting the annual Christmas project such as a food-drive, toy drive, etc.; and may include working with the Wacky Games and United Way activities.

The Community Outreach Committee was organized as an ad-hoc committee during the 2008-09 year and will continue to operate as an ad-hoc committee as provided by the Staff Senate Operating Rules and Procedures

Current Membership

Name Term Department
Kyndall Wahkinney, Co-Chair 2019-20         University Development
Jennie Robinson, Co-Chair 2019-20 Enterprise Risk Mgmt
Dana Aduddell 2018-20 Anesthesiology
Lauren Bristow 2018-20            Dept. Pediatrics
Sarah Brown 2018-20 Medicine Pulmonary
Tracy Williams 2018-20 Medicine Pulmonary
Sarah Smith 2018-20 Child Research Study
Sonja Hall 2019-21 Administration and Finance
Shannon McConnell 2019-21 Enterprise Risk Mgmt
Theresa Landers 2019-21 Dept. of Surgery
Vicky Wilson 2019-21 HSC Library
Holly Barlow 2019-21 OUHSC Parking
Laura Blackburn 2019-21 Neurosciences
Jill Coleman 2019-21 Medicine Infectious Diseases
Stacy Frost 2019-21 Patient Services IV - OUP
Eulean Hollis 2019-21 Obstetrics and Gynecology
Melissa Oishi 2019-21 Dept. of Pediatrics
Samaneh "Sam" Rabii 2019-21 Stephenson Cancer Center
Nathan Trinidad 2019-21 Dept. of Pediatrics
William "Chris" Luttrell 2019-21 Nursing Academic Programs


Committee Details

  • Consists of at least eight (8) members
  • Co-Chairs of the committee are appointed by the Chair of the HSC Staff Senate
  • Secretary of the committee assists with minutes, agendas, etc.
  • Committee is ad-hoc until added to and approved as part of the Operating Procedures of the Staff Senate.