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January Employee of the Month - Jennie McCartney-Brady

Published: Sunday, January 1, 2023

The OUHSC Staff Senate is pleased to announce
the January 2023
Employee of the Month
Jennie McCartney-Brady
Assistant to the Dean
College of Nursing


Here are a few excerpts from her nomination letters:


“Jennie always accepts requests and challenges with grace and courage. She is committed to the mission
of the OU College of Nursing and the important work the college does with the state of Oklahoma.”


“Jennie is excellent at her job, but even more than that, she is essential to the smooth running of our college.
She is confidante to many and as a long-member of the College, she helps us all do our jobs better.”


“Jennie responds to each task and challenge with a positive attitude. She is the co-worker we want to have and the friend we all need. She continually supports her co-workers in growth and development.”


“Jennie is an outstanding professional that goes the extra mile with every task set in front of her. She is diligent, thorough, persistent, and cooperative. She is not afraid to take action and works well under pressure.”


“Jennie organizational skills, her exceptional writing/editing skills and her emotional intelligence/relational skills equip her to be “all things to all people” with intense dedication and loyalty to the college and to this campus.”


“Jennie is always one step ahead, continually anticipating what is needed, and never procrastinating. She is phenomenal at managing and prioritizing the schedule of a busy Dean and Nurse Executive.”

“Jennie is always willing to stay late and go the extra mile to make the faculty’s job smoother. Currently, she is leading the team of faculty and staff in planning the Founder’s Day celebration for the college of nursing.”

“Jennie is personable and welcomes all to the dean’s office ins a disarming way.
In addition, and possibly more importantly, she is kind.”


“Jennie has spearheaded a collaborative administrative team and leads a weekly meeting to share ideas.
Jennie also takes the opportunity to contribute new and creative ideas and creates
funding resources to make these available to others.”


Congratulations Jennie!
Reception: Monday, January 23, at 1:30 p.m.
College of Nursing Bldg. - Lobby