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In response to school closures caused by COVID-19, UNESCO recommends open educational applications and platforms to help schools and teachers facilitate student learning and provide social caring and interaction.While these solutions do not carry UNESCO’s explicit endorsement, they tend to have wide reach, a strong user-base and evidence of impact. We've highlighted several below, and you can view the list in its entirety here.

  • Alison - Free online courses from leading experts.
  • BRCK - Hardware, software and connectivity tools to enable learning.
  • Coursera - Online courses taught by instructors from well-recognized universities and companies.
  • Duolingo - Free language learning application.
  • EdX - Access free online courses from leading educational institutions worldwide.
  • Khan Academy– Free online courses, lessons and practice.
  • University of the People – Non-profit, American-accredited, tuition-free online university dedicated to opening access to higher education globally.
  • Worldreader - Provides free access to a large library of digital books and stories that can be accessed via mobile devices.
  • YouTube - Largest repository of educational videos.