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Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace by D2L is the official learning management system of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (HSC) and Tulsa HSC campuses. 

Brightspace provides instructors with the ability to distributed course information, accept assignments digitally, communicate, and have assessments  and provide feedback to students.  Student gain access to Brightspace courses by official Peoplesoft enrollment.  Instructors may also request to add other faculty and staff to their course(s).

Instructors can logon at

Once logged in, you can click on Brightspace Help in the red nabber and visit Instructor Help for up-to-date resources and news about using Brightspace.

instructor help image inside brightspace

**HIPPA, PHI Warning**

  • NOTE:  Do not store any PHI related content in our D2L system. While D2L adheres to the strictest standards for keeping information private, there is no such thing as perfect security and D2L cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any data that is received and stored in D2L's Cloud.


D2L/Brightspace Essentials

Brightspace by D2L (D2L) is the official learning management system of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (HSC) and Tulsa HSC campuses. It is cloud based and has the capacity to store your teaching materials for access by students (based on enrollment), and for faculty and staff to whom permission was granted by you. 

Login to D2L:

To ensure you are able to login to D2L from a different computer (laptop or home computer), go to to ensure your OUHSC credentials work.

Compatible browsers:  Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  You will not be able to login using Internet Explorer.

Special course requests:

Visit the Special Request Forms webpage to find the right form for your needs.

Contact the Academic Technology Team:

If you have any login issues, email The Academic Technology Team will respond to your issue within 24 hours.

D2L Brightspace Tools for Communicating with Students

When you have a course set up in D2L, there are embedded tools to help you communicate with learners and provide learners with course materials they need. Students will be able to access the information you offer directly from the D2L platform.

Create a Connection with Your Students

Connecting with students online is different than face-to-face connections in the classroom.

For information about connecting with your students in D2L, read this article.

Add Announcements

Have to post an announcement for your course? This is a good location to announce your office hours, communication preferences, and general information students need as the course progresses.

Follow along with this video, and post your first Announcement in less than 2 minutes.

Facilitate a Class Discussion

Discussions allow your students to respond to you and each other asynchronously (i.e., not in real time) to discuss course materials, reflect on key concepts and share experiences.

Instructions on creating a discussion topic can be found in Brightspace Help offered by D2L.

Zoom Conferencing

Offer face-time to learners by offering one-on-one office hours or hosting larger synchronous learning time with groups of students.  This gives you the opportunity to provide student support in a medium other than email or written announcements.

Find more information and how to sign up for Zoom, visit the Zoom Videoconferencing informational page.


D2L/Brightspace Tools for Adding Content

Add Content

Need to post a syllabus, or add a power point presentation to the course?

Review this YouTube video by D2L to get it done in 55 second!

Add Instructions using the HTML Editor

This tool helps you add videos, images, and style to your content without having to know any HTML at all. You just need to "insert stuff."

If you have less than 5 minutes to spare, review the D2L video about the Content tool.

Create an Assignment

Use Brightspace to create an assignment folder for students to submit assignments.

Instructions on creating assignments can be found in a D2L YouTube video.

Checking for Plagiarism

D2L refers to plagiarism detection as “originality checking.”  If this option is selected within an Assignment folder, D2L will check submitted files for matches in Turnitin.

To learn how to enable Turnitin on assignments, click here.

Activate a Course

Once course content is built and organized, activating a course makes the course appear in the learner’s “My Courses” widget.

Simply go to your course, go to Course Admin, the Course Offering Information, then scroll down to the option "Course is active" and check the box to the left of that.  Then scroll down the page and click Save.  Now your students will see your course when they log into Brightspace.

D2L/Brightspace Tools for Learner Assessment and Testing


For detailed information on creating quizzes, refer to Brightspace Help for Instructors.

Postpone Exams

If possible, it is advised that exams be postponed until students are back on campus and in class.

Respondus Monitor

If exams must happen, instructors can Respondus Monitor as their online proctoring solution.

  • Respondus Monitor requires the use of a webcam so please make your students aware of this requirement.
  • This is a machine proctored video solution, not a live proctoring session. You will not make the selection of setting exams up in a proctored lab.  DO NOT administer high stakes exams during this timeframe!

Respondus Monitor Training

Respondus has offered comprehensive training webinars for instructors who plan to use Monitor with online exams.  Before using Respondus Monitor for one of your exams, your are urged to watch a recording of the training webinar. 

Setting up Respondus Monitor

Set up for Respondus Monitor is found using the same LockDown Browser dashboard found under Assessments > Quizzes on your D2L course homepage.

  • Instructions:  Click here for a link to the Respondus Monitor QuickStart Guide.
  • Startup Sequence:  The startup sequence is a set of optional events that occur before the Monitor webcam session begins.
    1. Access the LockDown Browser dashboard located under Assessments > Quizzes on your D2L course homepage.
    2. Review the startup sequence of events.  Contact the Academic Technology Team at if you have any questions regarding the settings.
    3. It is advised that students have their photo taken, show their ID, and conduct the environment and facial detection check (including additional facial detection options).  These settings provide the most secure environment available with this technology.

Require a Practice Exam

Respondus Monitor requires the use of a webcam by students and flags suspicious behavior.  Because of the additional settings to ensure the integrity of the exam, if possible, it is best to schedule a no-credit practice exam so students understand what will happen in an actual testing situation.

Understanding Proctoring Results

Setting up and administering exams using Respondus Monitor is only one part of the exam proctoring equation. Instructors must understand and review the results that are provided in the LockDown Browser dashboard once the exam is completed.  

To learn more about the results generated and interpreting those results:

  • Click here for information from Respondus Support.
  • Click here for detailed information from the D2L Brightspace Community.


When creating your gradebook, the most important thing to remember is that your gradebook (grade scheme, grade items, weights, etc.), must match your syllabus.

  • Instructions - Gradebook:  To set up your gradebook, use step-by-step instructions from Brightspace Help for Instructors.
  • Assessing & Grading Learners:  A more detailed overview of assessing and grading learners can be found here.