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Lecture Recording Options

Zoom Lecture Capture or Voice-Over PowerPoint

Best practices for online course lecture recordings

Course design experts recommend chunking information for student consumption.  In other words, shorten lectures into smaller chunks of 10-15 minutes focusing on a single concept.  This will allow students to stay attentive and focus on smaller bites of information while making the upload/download process much easier for both instructors and students.

Zoom has been identified as the go-to campus solution for recording lectures that can be uploaded either to the Mediasite platform or directly into courses hosted in D2L.

Instructions: Create a local recording using Zoom and upload D2L, instructions found here. 



Additional Zoom Resources

Official support articles for Zoom Audio, Zoom Video, Zoom Screen Sharing & Zoom Recording

Voice-Over PowerPoint 

Voice-Over PowerPoint is another solution for creating lectures that align with your PowerPoint slides currently built.

Instructions: Learn how to add voice-over to PowerPoint slides by clicking here (.PDF).

Please note, when creating voice-over PowerPoint slides to post in D2L, students must download presentations outside of D2L to play in “Show” version on their computers.  If you have a large slide deck with multiple graphics, consider breaking the slides up into multiple mini-lectures to alleviate the upload and download time on this file type.  D2L can upload files no larger than 1GB.