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Consumer Advisory Committee

CAC meets three times a year to identify emerging community issues and to advice the Center for Learning and Leadership/Oklahoma UCEDD. CAC plays an important role in identifying areas in need within Oklahoma.


CAC Group Photo

2017 CAC Meeting Dates

The Oklahoma UCEDD-LEND Consumer Advisory Committee will meet on the following dates in 2017-2018. The committee will meet in:

Colloquium Conference Room, PHF Conference Center

University Research Park, Research Parkway

Building 655, Suite 100



October 17, 2017                    10:00 AM – 1:00 PM                     

February 20, 2018                  10:00 AM – 1:00 PM  

April 17, 2018                         10:00 AM – 1:00 PM                      


Turn onto Research Parkway from Lincoln Avenue. The PHF Conference Center is located in Building 655, Suite 100.  There is some accessible parking available on street level. For all other parking, use the parking garage.  Parking tokens will be distributed at the end of the meeting.

For more detailed directions to the PHF Conference Center, click here: http://phfcc.ouhsc.edu/Directions.aspx

Seven Partner Values

The Consumer Advisory Committee has defined elements of successful partnership in a document titled, Seven Partner Values. The Seven Partner Values focuses on the values needed to form successful community partnerships and includes a partnership model. The values are as follows:

  1. Recognize the Need to Partner
  2. Value and Respect Each Other
  3. Accept Each Other
  4. Set Clear Expectations
  5. Provide Feedback
  6. Expect Impact, Product or Outcome
  7. Trust Each Other

Seven Partner Values

Seven Partner Value Award Image

Dee Receiving the 2013 CAC Partnership Award

Dee Receiving the 2013 CAC Partnership Award

Joni Receiving the 2013 CAC Partnership Award

Joni Receiving the 2013 CAC Partnership Award

ABLE Tech Receiving the 2013 CAC Award

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Receiving the 2013 CAC Partnership

Congratulations to the Consumer Advisory Committee 2014 Partnership Award Recipients: Jim Nicholson, Linda Gonzales, Lance Davis, And Bios Corp

Award to Jim Nicholson   Award to Linda Gonzoles   Award to Lance Davis   Award to Bios Corp

Congratulations to the Consumer Advisory Committee 2015 Partnership Award Recipients: Karen Hylton, Kelly Zaikis, Carolyn Jenks, and Ed Long-Lewis and Hillary Winn, Former and Current Chair of the Member Advisory Task Force, Oklahoma Health Authority

Award to Hillary Winn   Award to Kelly Zaikis   Award to Carolyn Jenks and Ed Long-Lewis