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Legacy for Children™

About Legacy

Legacy for Children™ is an evidence-based parenting program focused on strengthening the parent-child relationship and social support as well as promoting children’s health and socio-emotional development.  Results from randomized clinical trials are positive, with lower behavior problems, socioemotional problems, and hyperactive behavior symptoms in children of mothers randomized to the Legacy for Children™ program than those in the comparison condition at two sites (Kaminski et al., 2013).  The Legacy for Children™ program was translated and culturally adapted for Spanish-speaking mothers by the developers.  The current project is designed to examine the social validity, acceptability, cultural congruency, and outcomes for the mothers and children of the culturally-adapted Legacy for Children™ program. 

Project Goals:

OUHSC will collaborate with Oklahoma State University (OSU), Educare, Catholic Charities, AUCD and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to examine (a) the social validity, acceptability, and cultural congruency for providers and parent consumers of the Spanish translated Legacy for Children™ curriculum, (b) process of implementation including fidelity, and (c) maternal and child progress.

Specific Aims:

1: Determine participant response and cultural congruence of the The Legacy for Children™   Spanish-Monolingual versus The Legacy for Children™   English parent programs.

2: Determine engagement and attrition within the The Legacy for Children™   program and provider feedback of the Latino adaptation.

3: Examine fidelity and process data for the adapted version of The Legacy for Children™.

4: Examine infant and toddler outcomes targeted by The Legacy for Children™ program.

5: Examine potential mediating impact of changes in caregiver knowledge, skills, stress, supports, and child abuse potential.

Primary OUHSC Investigators:

Principal Investigator: Jane Silovsky, PhD, OUHSC

Co-Principal Investigator: Lana Beasley, PhD, OUHSC/OSU

Co-Principal Investigator: Angela Harnden, PhD, OUHSC, UCEDD-CLL

Collaborating Partners:

Amanda Sheffield-Morris, PhD, Oklahoma State University (OSU)

Lara Robinson, PhD, Child Development Studies Team (CDC)

Adriane Griffin, Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)

Nicole Kirkland, Tulsa Educare

Heidi Hernandez, Catholic Charities of Tulsa