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Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center

About the Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center

The Oklahoma Family Support 360° Center serves families that have children with developmental disabilities and Medicaid Eligibility. Funding constraints limit the 360° Center's acceptance of new families to 28 per ear. The 360° Center maintains an active enrollment of over 80 families and the majorities of these families are Hispanic and speak Spanish as a primary language. 

Values & Principles

  • We have confidence that families with children with disabilities are extremely resilient and resourceful.
  • We educate the community to realize that family support for children with disabilities is the social responsibility of every citizen, not a social program for a select group.
  • We share the principles and practices of family support to promote understanding, encourage family self-determination and control, build skills and facilitate collaborative problem solving.
  • We focus on the entire family.
  • We support the family's desire to express their own needs and decide how their needs will be met.
  • We treat people with disabilities and their families with dignity by respecting their individual choices and preferences.
  • We respect cultural, economic, social, and spiritual differences.
  • We find ways to provide supports and services that are easy for families to access.

Our Impact

  • We work with many agencies to identify system barriers and possible solutions.
  • We reduced the number of emergency room visits by 51% for children with disabilities in our program.
  • 88% of families we serve are extremely satisfied with the support we provide. 

Oklahoma Family Support 360 Degrees Center Logo

360° Center Assistance For Families

  • We empower families navigating complex service systems.
  • We link families with community and state services, support/advocacy groups, and leadership opportunities.
  • We assist families with paperwork, application forms, eligibility, and general questions.
  • We provide culturally sensitive services and assistance with translations to families who primarily speak Spanish.
  • We employ family members of children with disabilities.
  • We maintain a library of books and educational materials.
  • We help families organize and maintain important documents. 

360° Center Assistance and Training for Physicians and Health Care Professionals

  • We encourage healthcare professionals to practice a Medical Home approach with patients.
  • We assist healthcare professionals in communicating effectively with families.
  • We provide information and training about the resources and services available to families in our community, family-centered care, family support principles, and respecting cultural, economic, social, and spiritual differences.
  • We maintain a library of books and educational materials for health care providers.
  • We encourage health care professionals to broaden their patient base by accepting more children with disabilities.

For more information contact Erica Herrera at: 
erica-herrera@ouhsc.edu  or call (405) 271-4511