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Training and Technical Assistance Projects

Oklahoma Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (OKLEND)

Oklahoma LEND is an interdisciplinary leadership education program funded by the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau in the US Health Resources and Services Administration. OKLEND prepares selected individuals for leadership and advocacy roles in promoting best practices and systems change to improve services and formal and informal supports for children children and youth with neurodevelopmental and related disabilities and their families. 

Long-term OKLEND interns receive 300+ hours of interdisciplinary learning experiences beyond academic degree requirements based on four core principles of: 1) Person/Family-Centered Services; 2) Cultural Competence; 3) Interdisciplinary Teaming/Collaboration; and 4) Inclusive Community-Based Practices.

For more information contact:

Mark Wolraich, MD, OKLEND Program Director; Email: Mark-Wolrach@ouhsc.edu

Megan Peters, DSc, OKLEND Training Director; Email: Megan-Peters@ouhsc.edu

Wanda Felty, OKLEND Core Faculty Parent-Family; Email: Wanda-Felty@ouhsc.edu

Angela Harnden, PhD, OKLEND Program Evaluator, Email: Angela-Harnden@ouhsc.edu

Health Professions Pre-service Training

Pediatric Resident Practicum

The Center for Learning and Leadership (CLL)/UCEDD, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Family Network and the College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, presents a family-centered approach to introduce pediatric residents to family perspectives on developmental disabilities. Our Pediatric Resident Practicum is part of an advocacy rotation for pediatric residents associated with the CLL Family Support 360° Center. In the practicum, pediatric residents are provided information and family perspectives and experiences by parents of people who have developmental disabilities. The Pediatric Resident Practicum targets the following ACGME core competences:  interpersonal and communication skills and professionalism. ACGME is the abbreviation for the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education

Learning Objectives: 

  • Strengthen interpersonal, communication, and professionalism competencies.
  • Expand knowledge of developmental disabilities.
  • Present evidence-based best practices for disclosure of a child’s developmental disability diagnosis.  

For more information contact: 

Erica Herrera, Lead Family Coordinator, Oklahoma Family Support 360 Center
Email: Erica-Herrera@ouhsc.edu

Wanda Felty, Community Leadership and Advocacy Coordinator, and LEND Core Faculty
Email: Wanda-Felty@ouhsc.edu

Ellen Bannister, Academic Programs Coordinator
Email: Ellen-Bannister@ouhsc.edu

Oklahoma Self Advocacy Network Training

The Oklahoma Self Advocacy Network (OKSAN) provides training for people with developmental disabilities by people with developmental disabilities.  

SALT I (Self Advocacy Leadership Training): Introduction to leadership and advocacy designed for and by people with disabilities. Participants develop skills to become better leaders and advocates.

SALT II: Advanced training in leadership and advocacy for and by people with disabilities.

Emergency Preparedness - Let's Make A Plan: Training on preparing for disasters, such as storms, tornadoes, fires, and other emergencies, for and by people with disabilities. 

Taking Control of Your Health: Training on nutrition, healthy living, and healthcare advocacy for and by people with disabilities.  This training is partly funded by the Nutrition is for Everyone project.

For more information contact:

Rose Ann Percival, Community Partnerships Coordinator
Email: roseann-percival@ouhsc.edu 

Oklahoma Community of Practice Training

The Community of Practice for Supporting Families uses the LifeCourse Principles and philosophy. The core belief is “ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE, LOVE, WORK, PLAY AND PURSUE THEIR LIFE ASPIRATIONS IN THEIR COMMUNITY.” 

The overall goal of supporting families, with all of their complexity, strengths and unique abilities, is "so they can best support, nurture, love and facilitate opportunities for the achievement of self-determination, interdependence, productivity, integration and inclusion in all facets of community life for their family members (AIDD National Agenda for Family Support Conference, 2011)." We believe that all families need three types of support, emotional, informational and day-to-day supports in order to have a trajectory to a good life. The Charting the LifeCourse tools help facilitate training, discussion and visions for a good life.

Community of Practice for Supporting Families of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities began in  2012, with six states receiving a five year grant awarded to NASDDDS (National Associations of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services) by the Administration of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD).

Oklahoma was part of the original grantees.  Oklahoma’s team consist of the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council, Oklahoma Department of Human Services – Developmental Disabilities Services and the Center for Learning and Leadership, OK UCEDD. 

Additional partners are the Oklahoma Family Network, Bios Corp, Sooner SUCCESS, Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitative Services, Oklahoma Autism Network, Department of Human Services – Adult and Family Services, and the Edmond Public Schools.

For more information about the national CoP project you can visit www.supportstofamilies.org

For more information or to download more Charting the LifeCourse tools you can visit www.lifecoursetools.com

If you want more information or to have one of the Oklahoma team come train, please contact:

Wanda Felty, Community Leadership and Advocacy Coordinator

Email: wanda-felty@ouhsc.edu

Phone: 405-271-4500 ext. 41004

Community Nutrition & Health Trainings


Nutrition Is For Everyone

Nutrition is for Everyone (NIFE) is a  project providing nutrition education for and by people with disabilities, their families and friends. Oklahoma Nutrition Ambassador, Ashley Brice, a registered dietitian and OKLEND graduate, works with Deputy  Nutrition Ambassadors, self-advocate and family leaders, to deliver training on nutrition and healthy living to people with disabilities and their families, including family workshops in Spanish. The project is part of a five state grant through the AUCD (Association for University Centers on Disability) and funded by the Walmart Foundation.

For More Information

To lean more about the project and  for upcoming trainings, contact Nutrition Ambassador  Ashley Brice:

Email: ashley-brice@ouhsc.edu 

Ellen Bannister:
Email: ellen-bannister@ouhsc.edu

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