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If you are looking for a CLL product not displayed, please email: learn2lead-ucedd@ouhsc.edu 

360 Center Care Notebook (20pg)

Blue Ribbon Panel (Executive Summary) (8pg)

Blue Ribbon Panel (Recommendations) (40pg)

Child Preference (Ind) (8pg)

Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate (36pg)

Disability Etiquette Bookmark

Emergency Medical Summary (7pg)

Employment Support Indicators (6pg)

Getting Started: Guide for Oklahoma (6pg)

Ground Rules for Successful Teams (2pg)

Guide to Community Services in Oklahoma (28pg)

Oklahoma Individual and Family Support Principles (2pg)

Oklahoma Individual FSP Practice Indicators (32pg)

People First Language Sheet (2pg)

Personal Preference Indicators (8pg)

Reaching Agreement Toolbox (2pg)

Self-Care Advice for Caring Professionals (32pg)

Supported Families book (32pg)

The Alphabet Soup Book (36pg)

Tips for Health Care Professionals (3pg)