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Research Seminar
12/4/2012 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
College of Pharmacy, 101/1D29

Title of Seminar: "Impact of a collaboration between clinical pharmacy and cardiology."

Presenter: Toni Ripley, Pharm.D., Dept. of Pharmacy: Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Dr. Toni Ripley will present the findings of her seed grant research project. Everyone is invited to attend.

Abstract: Cardiovascular disease remains a prevalent and consequential public health issue. Identifying strategies for managing this public health epidemic are critical. Clinical pharmacists have unique knowledge and skills that could improve patient care. Evidence has shown that clinical pharmacists enhance the care of patients with a discrete cardiovascular diagnosis, but this has not been investigated in the setting of outpatient, advanced, comprehensive cardiovascular management. The current study evaluated the collaboration between a clinical pharmacist and a group of cardiologists and the impact on a surrogate endpoint of cardiovascular diseases.