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First NameLast NameOUHSC EmailUsernameFirst Name - Additional Leader 1Last Name - Additional Leader 1User Name - Additional Leader 1External User - Additional Leader 1First Name - Additional Leader 2Last Name - Additional Leader 2User Name - Additional Leader 2External User - Additional Leader 2Community NameFaculty/Staff SponsorPrimary Student Leader (If applicable)Purpose of CommunityPrimary Targeted College ParticipantsAdditional Comments and Questions
TJONES11JonesTyler-Jones@ouhsc.eduUser:Username        Test CommunityTyler Jones To test this out  
TylerJonesTyler-Jones@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\TJONES11        Test CommunityTyler JonesNoneTo testAllied HealthNA
TJONES11JonesTyler-Jones@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\TJONES11        testtest testAllied HealthTesting Sender Email Address
CBARBEEBarbeeChristi-Barbee@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\cbarbee        Audiology ExternChristi M. BarbeeNADiscuss off-site clinical rotationsAllied Health 
JulieStonerJulie-Stoner@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\jstoner1MaryWilliamsOUHSC\MWILLIA9NoNasirMushtaqOUHSC\NMUSHTAQNoSCM OB/GYN Resident and Faculty Research Skills 2015-2016Julie Stoner / Mary Williams / Nasir MushtaqN/AThe D2L site will be used to host curricular materials related to a biostatistics and epidemiology research methods course for the residents and faculty in the OB/GYN Department at the Tulsa School of Community Medicine. MedicineThe students will access curricular materials monthly over an 8-month period. The D2L site will be used to host handouts, lecture notes and quizzes. The online component of the course is complimented by in-class discussions of papers and problems.
JulieStonerJulie-Stoner@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\jstoner1        Tulsa School of Community Medicine OB/Gyn Research CourseeJulie Stoner The course will include lecture notes and readings related to research design and data analysis. This is an 8-month course that will span August through April.Medicine 
PhoukhongSiharathPhoukhong-Siharath@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\psiharat        Test Run Community Course RequestPJ Siharath The purpose is to see if the community course request form is working properly.Other 
AaronYoungAaron-Young@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\ayoung1        testtest testAllied Health 
HelenFarrarHelen-Farrar@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\hfarrar        (OUSNA) University of Oklahoma Student Nurses AssociationHelen Farrar communicationNursing 
JulieStonerJulie-Stoner@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\jstoner1        COM Endocrinology/Diabetes Resident/Faculty Research Skills 2015-2016Julie Stoner The D2L site will be used to post lecture slides and reading materials for a monthly research skills course.Medicine 
JulieStonerJulie-Stoner@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\jstoner1        OSCTR BERD R TrainingJulie Stoner The D2L site will be used to post lecture slides, program files, and exercises for a working group series focused on R statistical software.Public HealthThis series will span multiple semesters as additional trainings are offered through the OSCTR Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design core.
SpencerFalconspencer-falcon@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\sfalcon        College of Medicine-Class of 2019James F. Albertson Class of 2019Medicine 
TracieAndersonTracie-S-Anderson@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\tander12        TSET projectTracie Anderson Grant ImplementationMedicinepurpose to share new clinical guidelines on tobacco cessation
LorenSteinLoren-Stein@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\lstein1BlaireHartBhartNo    CONSALoren SteinStefanie GonsalvesTo Provide continuity of information and resources from one class to the next within the College of Nursing Student AssociationNursing 
MollyHillmolly-hill@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\mhill        ImmunologyMolly HillNASupport 2 graduate immunology coursesGraduate College 
MollyHillmolly-hill@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\mhill        MicrobiologyMolly HIll Support 3 graduate microbiology coursesGraduate College 
JohnnySilerJohnny-Siler@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\jsiler        Annual 2016 FPRO 7125 Supplemental Eval & Remediation (SERC) CourseJohnny L. Siler College of Dentistry International Students Fixed Review CourseDentistryPlease Copy the entire contents of the FPRO_7125_001_1162 - FPRO 7125 001 Fixed Pros I FA15 course into this new community course for me to use as this years Annual 2016 FPRO 7125 Supplemental Eval & Remediation Course (SERC) course; Thanks; Johnny Siler, DDS
SarahBramlettSarah-Bramlett@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\SBRAMLET        Leadership HSC Class of 2016Sarah BramlettMarni Fuller/ Mark RayLeadership Development Interdisciplinary Programs 
MariannaWetherillmarianna-wetherill@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\MWETHERI        Test CourseMarianna Wetherill Demo CoursePublic HealthThis may be a duplicate of a recent request from this faculty member--shelley
GayleMcNishgayle-mcnish@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\gmcnishJeanaWilcoxjeana-wilcox@ouhsc.eduNo    Nursing Informatics: Policy, Infrastructure, and DataGayle McNish Nursing CE CourseNursing 
GayleMcNishgayle-mcnish@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\gmcnishJeanaWilcoxOUHSC/jwilcoxNo    Current Status of Health IT and Nursing Informatics in OklahomaGayle McNish Nursing CE CourseNursing 
GayleMcNishgayle-mcnish@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\gmcnishJeanaWilcoxjwilcoxNo    HIPAA Privacy - Top Three PitfallsGayle McNish Continuing EducationNursing 
GayleMcNishgayle-mcnish@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\gmcnishJeana WilcoxjwilcoxNo    Legal Issues Related to Electronic Medical RecordsGayle McNish Continuing EducationNursing 
GayleMcNishgayle-mcnish@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\gmcnish        Legal Issues Related to Employees or Students with DisabilitiesGayle McNish Continuing EducationNursing 
GayleMcNishgayle-mcnish@ouhsc.eduOUHSC\gmcnishJeanaWilcox No    Ethical Issues in Health CareGayle McNish Continuing EducationNursing 
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