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Follow the steps below to submit your poster for printing:

  1.  Review Poster Printing F.A.Q.
  2.  Have your departments' Financial Admin submit a SUR (Service Unit Request) to Academic Media. (or pay with Visa, Mastercard or Discover.)
  3.  Save your poster as a .ppt or a .pdf. Helpful Tip: Verify your poster is designed the size you want printed.
  4. Complete the Poster Printing Approval Form. 
  5. Either email or bring your USB drive with Approval Form to our office located in Room 251 of the Robert Bird Library.
    1. Email address:

How long will printing take? 
Most posters can be printed Same-Day. However, in high-demand periods, printing may up to 2 days. Contact us for current wait time (405) 271-2318.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer poster corrections or edits onsite.




How much does a poster cost?

We charge by the linear inch, based on the paper roll used to print your poster (24,36 or 42" paper stock). We will provide the exact charge when you bring us your poster. However, the table below will better estimate cost.

Traveling or shipping? We sell Poster Tubes.
Tubes available in cardboard or plastic. If you are submitting an SUR, have your dept. add this request to it. Pricing is as follows:

  • Cardboard Tubes - $11.00 (+tax) 
  • Plastic Tubes - $21.68 (+tax)
1" $1.69 $1.97
30" $50.63 $59.06
36" $60.75 $70.88
42" $70.88 $82.69
48" $81.00 $94.50
54" $91.13 $106.31
60" $101.25 $118.13
66" $111.38 $129.94

Poster Cost Estimator

Note: The Poster Cost Estimator does not include tax and should be used only as a guide.