Poster Printing.

Highlight your presentation with a full-color poster printed by AMDS. We use only high quality HP Universal High Gloss Photo Paper for your poster, and can print on either 36" or 42" wide paper (there is no limit on length). The process is simple:

  1. Review Poster Printing F.A.Q. here or below.
  2. Have your department submit an SUR to AMDS or pay with a credit card (no university pcards).
  3. Save your final poster to your media of choice in either PowerPoint, JPEG, or PDF format.
  4. Bring your final poster on your media to AMDS offices in LIB 251.
  5. You and AMDS staff will review your poster and you will to approve the artwork for printing.
  6. Sign the Poster Printing Approval form. 

Posters can take as little as a day to print, but in high-demand periods it may up to 2 days.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer poster corrections or edits onsite.


1" $1.69 $1.97
30" $50.63 $59.06
36" $60.75 $70.88
42" $70.88 $82.69
48" $81.00 $94.50
54" $91.13 $106.31
60" $101.25 $118.13
66" $111.38 $129.94

Poster costs.

AMDS charges by the linear inch based on which size paper you use. We'll provide the exact charge when your poster arrives, but to give you an idea, here are some common poster sizes and the associated charges.

Poster Tubes.
Cardboard or plastic poster tubes are available for sale. Pricing is as follows:
  • Tube (cardboard) $7.59
  • Shipping Tube (plastic) $21.68

Poster Printing Guidelines

All you need to know about how to submit your poster and what you need to do BEFORE you bring your media to AMDS to print. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer poster corrections or edits onsite. Please click here for guidelines.


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