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Campus Art Walk

Published May 14, 2020

Anatomical Donor
The Anatomical Donor was a gift from the College of Medicine Class of 2001, to honor those individuals who, in death, have continued to give by donating their bodies to advance the teaching of medical science. Staged in a beautiful shaded walkway, this is a great place to get outdoors and relax while also checking out a notable structure on the Health Sciences Center campus.

Children’s Fountain
The Children’s Fountain and Live Oak Grove honors the Oklahoma Health Center Foundation, which is dedicated to the support of the outstanding organizations that comprise the Oklahoma Health Center. This structure is very close to the Stanton Walk and conveniently located next to the Anatomical Donor.

Dr. Dan
Created by artists Louise Jones and Dan Kiacz, Dr. Dan supports the Nature Conservancy’s Spirit of the Buffalo program. This sculpture honors the bison, which is the life-giving symbol of Native Peoples. Dr. Dan also symbolizes the mission of the Nature Conservancy to preserve the diversity of life on Earth. Dr. Dan is located in front of the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library and is accompanied by a spacious covered patio.

Located outside of the Fran & Earl Ziegler College of Nursing, the Dreamcatcher symbolizes a custom practiced by some Plains Indian tribes. This statue depicts an Apache woman viewing the dreamcatcher in wonder and hope for her young child’s future, which symbolizes the determination to give the child every advantage.

Seven Steps Fountain
The Seven Steps Fountain Plaza is named to honor the Presbyterian Health Foundation and its wise trustees. With seven steps honoring the seven academic colleges of the OU Health Sciences Center, the fountain serves as the Stanton L. Young Walk’s centerpiece. The plaza includes tables and chairs for studying or taking in the nice weather.

The Spirit of Healing
Dedicated in 1995, The Spirit of Healing plaque reads, “To those who died, to those who lived, and to those who helped.” This symbolizes the healing of hearts of those who care. The Spirit of Healing is located on the second floor of the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library and can also be viewed from the Bird Library patio.

Sculpted by Dorothy R. Kennedy, Solace was a gift from Barbara and William Cowen. The sculpture represents comfort, support and consolation and is located in the Molly Shi Boren Courtyard on the north side of the Bird Library.

Seed Sower
The University Seed Sower stands in honor of Anne V. Zarrow, a Tulsa philanthropist, whose kindness and generosity touched the lives of countless Oklahomans. Located at the west end of the Stanton L. Young Walk, this statue is surrounded by incredible views of outdoor scenery, as well as a garden with bench seating. A Seed Sower statue has been installed on the Norman, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa campuses.

Student Union Collection
The art collection at the Student Union includes over two hundred pieces of Native American art by local artists. These paintings, sculptures, and photographs are located in the various common areas on the first, second, and third floors of the Union. The presentation allows individuals to view at a distance or stop and read more about their favorite piece.

Avenue of Flags (13th Street)
A patriotic feature located outside of the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital, the Avenue of Flags symbolizes national pride through this visible, bold, and proud display of flags.

Mother and Child
A gift from Dr. Joseph Ferretti, Mother and Child is an abstract sculpture located in the Molly Shi Boren Courtyard on the north side of the Bird Library. It symbolizes the close bond between a mother and child.

The Beacon of Hope
The Beacon of Hope is located in Stiles Circle Park, just a short walk from the Health Sciences Center Research Park. This monument, which is lit at night, is a testament to the power of the human spirit, the pursuit of healing, and the empowerment of hope.

Created to bring visitors joy, comfort, and liveliness, Spirit is an island of statues located at the entrance of the Children’s Hospital. Spirit is comprised of twelve kites, all lined with LED lighting, and three children playing alongside them. This symbolizes the hope and innocence of childhood. At night, Spirit takes on a magical quality in which the kites appear to be floating, which truly paints the picture of the tribute.

Thelma Gaylord Arches
The Thelma Gaylord Arches mark the entrances of the Stanton L. Young Walk. Dedicated in 2002, and placed at each end of the walk, they are complemented by an outdoor garden area with bench seating. The east arch sits next to the Thelma Gaylord Clock Tower while the west arch is located next to the University Seed Sower. Similar to the Seed Sower, you will find arches on all three OU campuses representing the gateways into the University.

Stanton L. Young Clock Tower
This Clock Tower sits at the east end of the Stanton L. Young Walk and is beautifully aligned with the Thelma Gaylord Arches on each end of the walkway. The thirty-foot high tower can be seen from many spots on campus. It was dedicated in memory of Thelma Gaylord and is reflective of the clock tower on the OU Norman campus.

Yellow Wiggle
Located under the Bird Library patio in the first floor garden, Yellow Wiggle was a 1996 gift by the Huddleston Family in memory of Donald Grogan, M.D., Le Huddleston, and Shea Grogan. Sculpted by Robin Orbach Starke, this curvy, abstract sculpture uses yellow, rust, and other pastel colors to add some whimsy to your day.

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