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Outdoor Spaces

Need a Break? Visit These Peaceful Spaces Around Campus

Published April 28, 2020


Augustin Henry Shi Garden
Located behind the Biomedical Research Center, this peaceful garden consists of cottonwood trees, stone tables, and a millstone fountain.

Stanton L. Young Walk
Stretching from the clock tower to the bronze seed sower, this garden walk is the heart of the HSC campus. Sprinkled with roses, hydrangeas, perennials, and annuals throughout, the gardens provide year-round color and a wonderful view for a walk. Autumn Blaze Maple trees line the space, just west of the Clock Tower, and brighten up the space with brilliant red foliage in the fall.

Peggy Stephenson Healing Garden
As part of the Stephenson Cancer Center, the Peggy Stephenson Healing Garden offers a tranquil and relaxing outdoor space to enjoy. Lined with umbrella-covered tables with centralized fountain, the Garden is a great way to step away and enjoy the nice weather.

Bluestem Stream
Nestled within the courtyard of the Biomedical Research Center, this native plant garden flows down a hillside reminiscent of a streambed and features Oklahoma indigenous species of grass, trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.

James G. Harlow, Jr. Great Lawn
North from the Seven Steps Fountain to a granite water wall, this area features a line of Babylonian weeping willows that provide a dramatic backdrop to the lawn.

Molly Shi Boren Courtyard
On the lower level of the Bird Library, this shady sanctuary is an ideal spot to take a quiet break. The garden includes Japanese maples, hostas, and ferns, as well as hanging baskets.

Jimmy Everest Garden Walk
Near the entrance of the Jimmy Everest Children’s Center, this area includes plazas and sidewalks for a stroll.

Lloyd E. Rader Park
North of OU Physicians at the intersection of 10th Street and Phillips sits a shady park full of trees in honor of Lloyd E. Rader, a skillful, former director of Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services.

The Mothers Garden
Located on the Stanton L. Young Walk, the pebble walkway welcomes visitors with benches and shrubbery, offering the comfort of a room outdoors.

OU Medical Fountain Courtyard
Situated between The Children’s Hospital and the Basic Sciences Education Building, overlooking the Dream Catcher statue sits The Fountain Courtyard which was dedicated to patients and their families by the OU Medical Center. Enjoy two fountains and a modern trellis covered with evergreen.

Sacred Valley Park
Located next to the College of Medicine off Stanton L. Young Boulevard, this outdoor space serves as a quiet and peaceful place to relax and enjoy greenery on campus. With the park sunken into the ground and surrounded by trees, it gives park-goers the feeling of solitude within our campus – a perfect time to disconnect and relax!

1950 Rock
Just behind the Water Wall, mentioned above, sits a gift from the class of 1950, a stone bench. The bench honors the various roles the students played in World War II.

College of Dentistry Atrium Garden
Nestled under the College of Dentistry’s first floor, visitors enjoy outdoor seating, beautiful flowering bushes, and a canopy of coverage.

The G. Rainey Williams Pavilion Lawn
Located north of The G. Rainey Williams Pavilion, this lawn offers lush, grass seating to absorb the Oklahoma skies. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

University Research Park Outdoor Seating
Take a stroll around the Research Park on wide, shade-covered sidewalks, or relax in one of the two seating areas north of URP 865 or south of URP 655.

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