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OneCard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Sooner OneCard?
The Sooner OneCard is the official identification card for the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. It is the "One" card for library access, door access, facilities entrance, and athletic event entrance.
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What does the Sooner OneCard cost and where do I go to get one?
The Sooner OneCard costs $15 for the initial card and $20 for replacements. For faculty/staff the initial card is billed to personnel and a replacement is $20. The Sooner OneCard offices are at the following locations:

One Card Office - Oklahoma City Campus:
865 Research Parkway
RP865, Room 240A
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 271-2980

One Card Office - Norman Campus:
900 Asp Avenue
Memorial Student Union, Room 127
Norman, Oklahoma
(405) 325-3113
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Who is eligible to get a Sooner OneCard?
All Students, Faculty and Staff are eligible to receive a Sooner OneCard. Students must be enrolled at the University. Faculty and Staff must be appointed on a continuous appointment at 50% full-time equivalency or more.
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Do I need to get a new Sooner OneCard each semester?
No. Your card is good forever. In the case of a name change, number change, or status change (student to staff, resident to faculty), simply bring in the old card and a new card will be printed for you, with the new information on it, at no charge.
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What if I lose my Sooner OneCard?
To prevent the unauthorized use of your card you should notify the OneCard Office as soon as possible. Your card can be frozen which will prevent your card from being used. You can also go to the web site to suspend the card yourself. Should you then find your card you will have to present it to the OneCard Office to have it reinstated.
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What are the benefits of using the Sooner OneCard?
It is important that you carry your Sooner OneCard whenever you are on campus.
You will need it to utilize a variety of services across campus, including the following:

  • University Health Club (students only)
  • Family Medicine
  • Robert M. Bird Library
  • University Village (residents only)

Of course you will need your card when you live in the University Village.

There are also discounts that off-campus merchants give to students, staff, & faculty when they show their ID cards.
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What do I do if my Sooner OneCard becomes damaged or broken?
The magnetic stripe on the card may become worn or scratched, which may render it unreadable. In that case, a free reprint of the card can be obtained at the OneCard Office. If, through normal wear and tear of the card, it becomes faded or broken, then the OneCard Office will replace the card free of charge. Obvious abuse of the card will result in having to pay a replacement fee of $20.
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Is it OK to punch a hole in the card to make it so that I can put it on my key-ring?
Do not punch a hole in the card! Keep the card away from devices that may clear the encoding on the magnetic stripe. Putting the card on your key-ring may scratch the magnetic stripe of the card, and that could render it unreadable.
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Can I let a friend use my card?
Do not let a friend or family member borrow your card. The card may be confiscated and a criminal or academic misconduct incident may be filed against the borrower and/or you.
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Where are the OneCard Offices located?
On the Health Sciences Center Campus, the OneCard Office is in Research Park 865, room 242 (inside the lobby of the Office of the Bursar). On the Norman Campus, the OneCard Office is located in the Student Union, room 127. It is across the hall from the Post Office or the Crimson & Cream Copy Shop.
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How can I contact the OneCard Office by phone?
On the HSC Campus the OneCard Office phone number is (405) 271-2980. Hours of operation are 8:00 A.M.- Noon and 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.
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