Committees, Councils, and Boards

Academic Programs Council

The charge of this committee is to recommend to the President through the Provost and report to the Faculty Senate on matters concerned with the instructional program and curricula of the HSC, including evaluation of new programs with respect to their feasibility, potential stability and potential for excellence; monitoring and evaluating existing programs for the purpose of making recommendations for improvement and; evaluating proposed and existing programs for evidence of duplication.

The APC Calendar, Required Syllabus Template, Course Add, Drop, and Revise forms, Grading Rubrics, OSRHE forms, and other useful information is found on the Admissions and Records website under the Faculty and Administration tab at

Committee Makeup

11 HSC Faculty appointed by the Senate; 3 Administration (Provost, Registrar, Academic Bulletins Editor).


3 years, staggered terms.

Current Membership

Name College Term
Stacy Anderson, Chair Allied Health 2015-2018
Daniel Zhao Public Health 2015-2018
Mary Hudson Allied Health 2016-2019
Stephanie Marfurt Nursing 2016-2019
Frans Currier Dentistry 2017-2020
Meredith Davison Medicine-Tulsa 2017-2020
Molly Hill Medicine 2017-2020
Lisa Landrum Medicine 2017-2020
Misty Miller Pharmacy 2017-2020
David Sherry Graduate College 2017-2020
Patsy Smith Nursing 2017-2020
Muneem Deen (Student) Pharmacy 2017-2018