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Educators for Excellence

Educators for Excellence is an initiative convened by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development. Participants gather for fellowship, dialogue and discovery about what it takes to promote and sustain faculty and staff who are dedicated to achieving excellence in teaching and learning. Recipients of institutional teaching awards are welcome and invited to join at any time. Any faculty or staff members who are committed to the teaching mission may ask for information on membership. If you are interested in participating in this dialogue and discovery experience at OUHSC please contact us at the Office of the Vice Provost.

Provost Announces New Teaching Award at OUHSC

At the Fall Faculty Meeting Senior Vice President and Provost Dr. Jason R. Sanders announced that a new Provost Award for Teaching had been created. Nominators and faculty are encouraged to review the criteria and identify/nominate candidates. The award criteria and review guidelines are included in the Provost's October 1, 2015 memorandum found here. One award is designated for early career faculty (less than 9 years on faculty) and another for seasoned faculty (more than 9 years on faculty).

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