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Charter of the General Faculty and Faculty Senate

Amended 11/30/05


This charter is not intended to abridge the rights and privileges of any member or sub-group of the Regular Faculty (i.e. department or college faculty group) to determine matters of their rightful jurisdiction, academic freedom, and responsibility.



The name of this organization shall be: “The Regular Faculty of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.”



The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To help define and protect the rights of faculty members.
  • To support the faculty in implementing the University functions of teaching, research and scholarly activity, and
  • To develop, recommend and implement policies for the Health Sciences Center and the University in matters relating to the instruction of students, and the conduct of research, and scholarly activity, and the provision of services in any matters affecting the welfare of the Health Sciences Center;
  • To promote collaborative effort within and among faculty, professions, and colleges; and
  • To respect the rights and jurisdictions of the individual Colleges in the Health Sciences Center.



Section 1. Members

The membership of the Regular Faculty of the Health Sciences Center shall be composed of all full-time faculty members with the unmodified rank of assistant professor or above who hold tenure track, tenured, or consecutive term appointments. The Regular Faculty does not include individuals holding temporary appointments such as instructor, lecturer or associate; or with modified ranks such as “visiting, adjunct, special, acting and/or clinical,” or holding temporary research appointments such as assistant professor of research or higher.

Section 2. Voting Rights

All members with the unmodified rank of assistant professor and above and who hold tenure track, tenured or consecutive term appointments, shall have full voting rights.

Section 3. Proxy

No votes shall be cast by proxy.



Section 1. Governance Powers

The governance of the Faculty of the Health Sciences Center is vested in the Regular Faculty of the Health Sciences Center, subject to the provisions of Article III, section 1 above.

Section 2. Exercise of Powers

These governance powers shall be exercised either by the Regular Faculty or by the Faculty Senate (see Article VII, section 5).

Section 3. Accountability of Senate

The Faculty Senate shall be subject to the orders of the Regular Faculty and none of the Senate’s acts shall conflict with actions taken by the Regular Faculty.



Section 1. Officers

The Officers of the Regular Faculty shall be the Officers of the Faculty Senate: Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Secretary-Elect. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by this Charter, by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Regular Faculty, and any other activities necessary to achieve the purposes of the Regular Faculty of the Health Sciences Center.

Section 2. Election of Officers

The officers shall be elected yearly by and from among the representatives who compose the Faculty Senate.

Section 3. Eligibility

No member shall hold more than one office at a time. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.



Section 1. Meetings

The Regular Faculty shall meet at least twice yearly, usually in October and April.

Section 2. Annual Meeting

The meeting in April shall be known as the Annual Meeting and shall be for the purpose of receiving reports of Officers and Committees, for communicating a report of significant yearly Senate Activities, and for any other business that may arise.

Section 3. Special Meetings

  • Special meetings of the Regular Faculty may be called by the Chair of the Senate, by the Provost for the Health Sciences Center, or by written petition of a total of thirty (30) Regular Faculty of whom no more than 15 belong to any one college.
  • The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.
  • Every Regular Faculty member shall be notified.
  • Except in cases of emergency at least seven (7) days notice shall be given, and the meeting shall be called within thirty (30) days of the presentation of a petition.

Section 4. Quorum

Sixty (60) members of the Regular Faculty of the Health Sciences Center representing three or more Colleges, provided no more than 30 of the quorum number are from any one college, constitute a quorum.



Section 1. Members

  • The Faculty Senate shall be composed of at least three (3) members of the Regular Faculty from each OUHSC College except the Graduate College, which shall have one representative. Each college with program(s) in Tulsa will be responsible for formulating the distribution of representation between Oklahoma City and Tulsa campus. One additional representative shall be elected by each College for each additional one hundred (100) Regular Faculty over the first 100 whose primary appointment is in that College. No College, however, shall have more than forty (40) percent of the total number of Senate representatives. The Provost of the Health Sciences Center or his designate shall be an ex-officio member of the Senate and shall serve without vote.
  • Terms of office of members of the Faculty Senate shall be staggered. Specific methods of accomplishing this shall be determined by each College. No member shall serve more than two consecutive elected terms as a member of the Faculty Senate.

Section 2. Election

  • Representatives of the Faculty Senate shall be elected by and from each College of the Health Sciences Center. They shall be elected by written ballot for a three (3) year term.
  • Prior to April 1st, each College shall elect its new representatives to fill out-going Senate positions and inform the Chairman of the Faculty Senate.
  • Except for the Graduate College, Senators shall represent that College in which they hold their primary appointment. Members with joint or multiple appointments shall declare, at the beginning of each academic year, the College in which they will vote during that year.
  • The Senate representatives shall assume their office on July 1.
  • Each College shall elect one or more alternates to serve in case of the absence or disability of a Senator. The number of alternates elected from each College shall be one-half of the number of Senators to which that college is entitled rounded to the next highest whole number. They shall be elected by written ballot for a one-year term. If more than one alternate is elected, the alternates shall be numerically listed according to votes. The alternate for the Graduate College shall be elected to a one-year term from the membership of the Graduate Council.

Section 3. Replacement of Senate Members

  • The Faculty of each College may establish procedures for the recall of any Senator of that College. However, in no case can a Senator be recalled without a majority vote of the Regular Faculty members of that College.
  • Should a Senator be unable to fulfill the duties of that office for any reason, that name may be removed from the rolls upon written request to the Senate Secretary from that Senator or from the Faculty of the represented College.
  • In the event of the removal of a Senator from the rolls for any reason, the First Alternate will fill that position for the remainder of the academic year. At the next annual College election, a Senator will be elected to fill the unexpired term.
  • In the event there is no alternate to complete the unexpired term, the Faculty of the College will be asked to fill the vacancy. The procedure by which the vacancy is filled is determined by each College.

Section 4. Officers

The Officers shall be: Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Secretary-Elect, and such other officers as are provided for in the Charter.

Section 5. Powers

  • The Faculty Senate shall exercise the governance of powers of the Regular Faculty of the Health Sciences Center as delegated by the Regular Faculty.
  • The Faculty Senate shall conduct the affairs of the Regular Faculty between the latter’s meetings, make recommendations to the Regular Faculty, and perform such other duties as are specified in the Charter and Operating Procedures or Bylaws, and/or are necessary to achieve the objectives of the Regular Faculty.
  • Any member of the Regular Faculty may bring matters relating to the governance before the Regular Faculty or the Faculty Senate by written request.
  • The Faculty Senate shall determine its own rules, procedures, times and place of meetings and regulations governing its internal affairs.
  • The Faculty Senate shall publish a Charter as well as Operating Procedures.

Section 6. Meetings

  • The Faculty Senate shall meet at least nine (9) times a year and at other times as necessary.
  • The Faculty Senate shall report significant Senate activities to the Regular Faculty in the spring Annual Meeting of the Regular Faculty.



Section 1. Standing and Special Committees

Standing or special committees of the Regular Faculty and/or Faculty Senate shall be established as deemed necessary to facilitate faculty governance.

Section 2. Committee Membership

  • The Chair of the Regular Faculty shall be an ex-officio member of any and all standing and special committees without voting privileges.
  • All members of the Regular Faculty are eligible to serve on special or standing committees, provided that the membership is proportional among the colleges in roughly the same ratio as are seats in the Senate.
  • The Health Sciences Center Student Association may be invited to nominate a student to serve on selected Senate Committees.



Section 1. Function

The Faculty Senate shall serve as an advisory body to the Provost of the Health Sciences Center and other administrative officers of the University in relation to matters of interest and importance to the Faculty.

Section 2. Faculty Assistance to Administration

At the beginning of each academic year, the Faculty Senate shall provide to the Provost of the Health Sciences Center a list of nominees who are willing and able to serve during the ensuing year on the Health Sciences Center committees or councils. The Provost shall recommend the nominations to the President of the University who, shall make the appointments.

Section 3. State of the Health Sciences Center Message

At the first meeting of the Regular Faculty each academic year, the President of the University and the Provost of the Health Sciences Center shall be invited to orally present to the Regular Faculty of the Health Sciences Center a statement on the State of the Health Sciences Center and his (their) recommendations for furthering the progress of the Center.

Section 4. Disposition of Requests for Action

Request from the Faculty Senate for action by the Administration or by the University Regents shall be directed to the Provost of the Health Sciences Center who will then forward these requests to the President of the University. The Provost for the Health Sciences Center shall, within thirty (30) calendar days, report in writing to the Faculty Senate the disposition of any request for action or information received. The reports shall include the rationale for actions taken or not taken.



Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of the Senate Liaison Committee shall be to routinely facilitate the exchange of information between the OUHSC Senates, the University President, and the Norman Campus Senate.

Section 2. Composition

The Senate Liaison Committee shall be composed of the Chair, Chair-Elect, and the Secretary of the Senate.

Section 3. Meetings

  • The Committee will meet as often as necessary with the University President and representatives of the Norman Campus Senate to achieve the Committee purpose as set out in Article X, Section 1 above.
  • The Committee will report activities and progress routinely to the Senate.



The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, shall govern the Regular Faculty and the Faculty Senate in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with this Charter and any special rules of order which the General Faculty may adopt.



Section 1. Amending

The Charter may be amended from time to time in any particular as follows:

  • Amendments of this Charter and ensuing Rules and Operating Procedures may be proposed at any regular or special meeting of the Faculty Senate.
  • Amendments must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Faculty Senate voting by mail ballot.
  • Amendments shall be submitted to each Faculty Senate member for vote at least fifteen (15) days prior to tabulation of ballots.

Section 2. Effective Date

Amendments shall be effective immediately upon approval by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents.



This Charter shall be effective once approved by a majority of the Regular Faculty in each of the Colleges of the Health Sciences Center and approved by the Board of Regents, signed by the President of the Board and sealed by the Executive Secretary of the Board of Regents.