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Campus Tenure Committee

The charge of this committee is to review all tenure recommendations and provide advice on whether or not the academic unit's recommendation on tenure with regard to both substance and process is sustained by the documentation provided and is consistent with the approved tenure criteria. Membership of this committee consists of tenured faculty nominated by the Senate and approved by the President.

Committee Makeup

13 Tenured HSC Faculty, nominated by the Senate and appointed by the President.


3 years, staggered terms.

Current Membership

Name College Term
Vacant Dentistry 2019-2022
Denise Bender Allied Health 2021-2024
Jennifer Peck Public Health 2021-2024
Nathan Shankar Pharmacy 2021-2024
Emily Jones Nursing 2021-2024
Renee Leasure Nursing 2019-2022
Benjamin Cowley, Chair Medicine 2019-2022
Kent Teague Medicine, Tulsa 2019-2022
Michael Anderson Public Health 2020-2023
Carole Johnson Allied Health 2020-2023
Guangpu Li Medicine 2020-2023
Sharukh Khajotia Dentistry 2020-2023
R. Chris Rathbun Pharmacy 2020-2023