Committees, Councils, and Boards

Discrimination and Harassment Committee

The charge of this committee is to consider whether there exists adequate grounds for formal hearings in the case of discrimination complaints brought to the attention of the committee, and if so, to hold formal hearings in accord with policy.

Committee Makeup

8 HSC Faculty; 8 HSC Staff; 8 HSC Students


3 years

Current Membership

Name College Term
Wendy Galbraith Pharmacy 2018-2021
Suzanne Kimball - Chair Allied Health 2020-2023
Tonie Metheny Nursing 2019-2022
Wajeeha Razaq Medicine 2019-2022
Kimethia Broussard Nursing 2020-2023
Katherine Morris Medicine 2020-2023
Abbey Onan Dentistry 2020-2023
Janis Campbell Public Health 2020-2023