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Faculty Appeals Board

The charge of Faculty Appeals Board is to respond to matters of tenure abrogation, dismissal, severe sanctions, alleged violations of academic freedom or academic due process and other grievances unresolved through administrative procedures. Because of the extraordinary importance and the range of such issues, the Board shall be empowered to appoint ad-hoc committees to assist in the conduct of its affairs. The Faculty Appeals Board considers all matters brought before it by individual faculty members, academic units, or administrative units, or other duly constituted bodies within the University community.

Committee Makeup

40 HSC Faculty - members must be tenured and in nonadministrative positions.


4 years

Current Membership

Name College Term
 Karen Beckman Medicine 2022-2026
 Doris Benbrook Medicine 2022-2026
 Denise Bender Allied Health 2022-2026
  Medicine 2022-2026
 Sharukh Khajotia Dentistry 2022-2026
 William Hildebrand Medicine 2022-2026
 Rita Raman Medicine 2022-2026
 Michael Anderson Public Health 2022-2026
Dean Myers Medicine 2022-2026
James Barrett Medicine 2019-2023
Lynn Jeffries Allied Health 2020-2024
Melissa Craft Nursing 2019-2023
Valerie Eschiti Nursing 2019-2023
Vacant   2022-2026
Michael Anderson Public Health 2022-2026
Nathan Shanker Pharmacy 2019-2023
Grant Skrepnek Pharmacy 2019-2023
Shanjana Awasthi Pharmacy 2020-2024
Sarah Buckingham Allied Health 2020-2024
Benjamin Cowley Medicine 2020-2024
Wei-qun Ding Medicine 2020-2024
Thubi Kolobe Allied Health 2020-2024
Jian-Xing Ma Medicine 2020-2024
Lucila Garcia-Contreras Pharmacy 2019-2023
Jordan Metcalf Medicine 2020-2024
Vacant   2022-2026
Leonida Tsiokas Medicine 2020-2024
Tabitha Garwe Public Health 2019-2023
Vacant - 2021-2025
  Public Health 2021-2025
Emily Jones Nursing 2021-2025
Nasur Mushtaq Public Health 2019-2023
  Nursing 2021-2025
Guangpu Li Medicine  2022-2026
Paul DeAngelis    Medicine  2022-2026
Jody Summers Medicine 2022-2026
Mike Ihnat Pharmacy 2022-2026
Xin Zhang Medicine 2022-2026
Madeleine Cunningham Medicine 2022-2026