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Frequently Asked Questions

What does online instruction look like?

Instructors have access to two main tools for online instruction: Brightspace by D2L, the HSC learning management system and Zoom, a video conference software. While the transition may force certain activities and assignments to be modified, class meetings may still be held at their regularly scheduled time but may take place on Zoom rather than a physical classroom.

Would my assignments/tests dates stay the same?

Instructors are encouraged to be realistic about course goals and scheduling. Your instructors should be in communication with you about any changes in the schedule.

What if I’m in a lab or clinic that needs to meet on campus?

Instructors should be communicating with you about alternatives.

What about Library resources need to finish assignments?

Students will still be able to access the Bird Health Sciences Library online tools. If electronic versions of materials are needed or you have other questions, please use the Bird Library’s “Ask a Librarian.”