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Keys for Success

Test your hardware and software

The two main tools for online learning are Brightspace/D2L (D2L), OUHSC's learning management system, and Zoom, a video conferencing tool. Test that you are able to login to D2L from an off-campus location and setup an account and download Zoom to your own device.

  • Access to D2L is available at
  • Brightspace Pulse, the mobile application for D2L, is available for iOS and Android.
  • Zoom is available as a desktop application for PC and Mac and mobile application on iOS and Android.  Click on Instructional Technologies link above for complete instructions on downloading and using Zoom.

Tips for Zoom live sessions

  • Find a quiet space with limited distractions.
  • Wear headphones or earbuds to avoid audio interference.
  • Make sure you are muted when you are not talking.
  • Utilize the raise your hand feature if you want to ask a question live.
  • Utilize the chat feature for questions.
  • Join a meeting by phone if you have limited internet access or are experiencing technical difficulties.

Check for communication often

Instructors will be sending electronic messages to you via your HSC email and D2L notifications more often. Update your notifications in D2L and make it part of your regular routine to check your inbox multiple times throughout the day.

Have a routine

Having a set schedule and space can help you manage the stress of your studies and any changes to your established school routine. Setup an intentional physical space where you "go to class." Outline a routine for where and when you will join live sessions, work on course work, and study.

Be an active participant

Engagement leads to a better understanding. Comment on discussion boards, pose questions, and communicate often with your instructor. Since some activities may not take place in real-time, make an effort to check in often on spaces like discussion boards and email.

Take advantage of writing consulting online

The HSC Writing Center provides remote online consultation for students and email paper reviews. For complete information on the services the Writing Center offers, consult their website here: HSC writing center

Don't be afraid to reach out for help

As the campus continues to do its best to monitor and update the current situation, students may feel scared and overwhelmed. HSC Student Counselling services is available to all students who feel they need extra support.

Contact the counseling center two ways:

  • Call: (405) 271-7336 Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm
  • Email: Limit email messages to scheduling information only to protect your confidentiality.

Be an effective communicator

Communicating effectively is extremely important to doing well in online courses. Keep in mind that class communications are more formal than texting or conversing with your friends.

When emailing your instructor or another student:

  • State the class and section in which you are enrolled.
  • Be sure to respectfully address your course instructor – check your syllabus for the way they refer to themselves.
  • Use appropriate language, spelling, and grammar (do not use texting short cuts).
  • Communicate in a respectful manner.

Abide by the Academic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity is extremely important for all students. Transitioning into an online learning environment does not diminish a student’s responsibility to honesty in scholarship.