Annual Conference

2023 Oklahoma Child Abuse and Neglect Conference

April 5-7, 2023

Hilton Garden Inn (Edmond Convention Center)

This conference is for all multi-disciplinary professionals who work in the field of child abuse and neglect. Attendees will learn best practices in the area of their discipline so they can provide services to children and their caregivers affected by child maltreatment with the intent of reducing trauma to the children and their caregivers.

 2023 Conference documents provided by presenters are included below:


Oklahoma Child Advocacy Centers and Free-Standing Multidisciplinary Teams - PDF

Professional and Family Member Perspectives on Building Person/Family-Professional Partnerships to Support Children with Developmental Disability - PDF 

Spanking and Corporal Punishment: Outcomes, Perspectives, and Strategies for Change - PDF

Tipping the Scale: Managing Professional Balance and Ethical Boundaries in Clinical Case Management - PDF

The Ethics of Child Neglect and Poverty - PDF

Parent Advisory Committee and Father Figure Engagement - PDF

Handle With Care Oklahoma - PDF

The Importance of Pre-Staffing Before the Forensic Interview - PDF

Children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors: Making Decisions Based on Facts Rather Than Misconceptions (PARB) - PDF 

Parental Hopelessness: Contributing to the Core of Child Abuse and Neglect - PDF

A Social-Ecological Model of Racism and Anti-Racism (Plenary) - PDF

Time-Out on the Field: A Pause to Discuss Time-Out and Parenting - PDF

Tips for Testifying in Court - PDF

Preparing and Giving Effective Courtroom Testimony - PDF

7 Challenging Areas of Parenting - PDF

Steps to Effective Suicide Prevention: Everyone has a Role to Play - PDF

Current Research and Best Practices - Parent Partnership Advisory Committee - PDF






Oklahoma Children’s Justice Act Advisory

Task Force Board on Child Abuse and Neglect


Oklahoma State Department of Health


District Attorney's Council


Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth




Conference Goals

To provide professionals who work in the area of child maltreatment with current research and best practices to better respond and provide appropriate services to children and their caregivers in the area of child maltreatment.

Conference Objectives

Attendees will be able to

  • Learn current best practices in the areas of child maltreatment.
  • Recognize and be more aware of signs and symptoms of abuse, neglect, and substance abuse exposed children.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of cultural competencies in day-to-day activities.