Videoconferencing Services.

Connect to the world with the help of AMDS and our IP-based (H.323) videoconferencing rooms and infrastructure. Our Polycom systems allow you to transmit both video and audio of the presenter as well as share your computer content with the far site you are calling. You can have a private, secure connection with just one or up to 20 endpoints using our multipoint bridging capabilities.






AMDS Studio A Bird Library 251 30
AMDS Studio B Bird Library 247 2
Provost's Conference Room Bird Library 223 30
Library Auditorium Bird Library 299 100

Our Rooms

AMDS offers full videoconferencing support for any of these rooms. To book Studio A or B contact us directly at 271-2318 or email at amds@ouhsc.edu.

Videoconference Costs.

Videoconference setup & support costs are for OUHSC faculty, staff, and students during regular business hours, 8AM - 5PM. There may be additional charges for entities outside of the university or for conferences held before or after regular business hours.





Videoconferencing setup/connection assistance only $30
Videoconferencing setup/connection with operator through duration of call $60/first hr. $30/each addl. hr.
Videoconference in AMDS Studio B $75/hr.
Videoconference in AMDS Studio A $150/hr.


Videoconference Support.

Just because you choose to have your video conference somewhere other than the Rob't M. Bird Library doesn't mean AMDS can't assist with your videoconference. For a small fee, our technicians are available to support your call when no one else can.  Contact  AMDS for more details.

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