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Zoom Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create a Local Presentation Recording

Follow step-by-step instructions to make a local recording and upload it. Watch a video of this process here.

View a compilation of the most useful articles about using Zoom for recording and more.

Find official support articles for Zoom Audio, Zoom Video, Zoom Screen Sharing & Zoom Recording.

Where to Find Local Support

Identify Tier 1 and Tier 2 videoconferencing support

Identify Tier 1 technical staff support.

Find “How to” Documents for Tier 1 & Tier 2 Individuals (D2L course)

Where to Find Additional Official Zoom Resources

View official support articles of Zoom Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn how to take class attendance in Zoom meetings.

View the Zoom for Healthcare resource.

View the Zoom Recorded Training Sessions resource.

Find the Zoom Training: Ask Me Anything (monthly) – Webinar Registration.

Keep current.  Explore or subscribe to the Zoom Blog.

Find the official Zoom Technical Support page.