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Tier 1 and Tier 2 Videoconferencing Support Turnpike Team Members

NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderCollege or DepartmentEmailPhone/ExtensionTitle
 College of NursingNursing-ITStaff@ouhsc.edux. 49150 
 OU-Tulsa IT (Academic Technology Services) 
Baker, George P.College of Dentistrygeorge-baker@ouhsc.edux. 34167IT Project Manager
Barnes, StormyAcademic Technology -
OUHSC Video Network Operations Center
stormy-barnes@ouhsc.edux. 41399HSC Video Teleconferencing Services Coordinator,
Tier 2 Support
Bloemers, Eric J.Department of Family & Preventive Medicineeric-bloemers@ouhsc.edux. 32405LAN Support Specialist III
Boles, Jeffrey D.Office of Administration and Financejeffrey-boles@ouhsc.edux. 30011LAN Support Specialist IV
Briscoe, Stephen H.Department of Radiological Sciencesstephen-briscoe@ouhsc.edux. 17670LAN Support Specialist
Buck, Kevin M.OU IT (Norman) Director - Learning Spaces
Bueckers, Jeremy J.College of Dentistryjeremy-bueckers@ouhsc.edux. 34129IT Sr. Analyst
Burge, Michael D.OU Physicians Information Systemsmichael-burge@ouhsc.edux. 54740LAN Support Specialist III
Burgin, Christopher R.Academic Media & Digital Serviceschristopher-burgin@ouhsc.edux. 41396OUHSC Audio/Video Design & Integration Services
Davila-Torres, AntonioCollege of Pharmacyantonio-davilatorres@ouhsc.edux. 47316Multimedia Education Specialist
Davis, Quinn L.Price College of of IT, MBA Programs
Diaz, Savannah L.University Hospitals Authority and Trustsavannah-diaz@ouhsc.edux. 44156Director, SAMIS Education Center
Foster, Jeremy A.College of Nursingjeremy-foster@ouhsc.edux. 49220LAN Support Specialist III
Galloway, Stephen A.Stephenson Cancer Centerstephen-a-galloway@ouhsc.edux. 48848Systems Analyst
Graham, SteveOU-Tulsa Services Manager, IT
Gunter, RandyDepartment of Pediatrics Information Systemsrandy-gunter@ouhsc.edux. 41054Information Technology Manager
Hawkins, Adam M.College of Public Healthadam-hawkins@ouhsc.edux. 50108LAN Support Specialist I
Headley, Brandon B.Academic Media & Digital Servicesbrandon-headley@ouhsc.edux. 41395OUHSC Audio/Video Design & Integration Services
Heil, Grant H.OU Medicine ITgrant.heil@oumedicine.comx. 38673Technical Analyst
Hessman, Jeremy B.OU IT (Norman) Technologist
King, Jason S.OU Physicians Information Systemsjason-king@ouhsc.edux. 54719LAN Support Specialist IV
Kugel, GaylaOU IT Mission Support (Information Professional Support)gayla-kugel@ouhsc.edux.12203System Analyst II
Lewis, BenOU IT (Norman) Manager, IT - Learning Spaces
Long, MarkAcademic Media & Digital Servicesmark-long@ouhsc.edux. 12318Media Specialist I
Luttrell, ChrisCollege of Nursingwilliam-luttrell@ouhsc.edux. 49218Manager, Information Technology
McCampbell, Carl A.Robert M. Bird Health Science Center Librarycarl-mccampbell@ouhsc.edux. 12285 opt. 5LAN Analyst
McMahon, RichardOffice of the Senior Vice President and Provostrichard-mcmahon@ouhsc.edux. 41397Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Technology
Moone, Tadra P.University Hospitals Authority and Trusttadra-moone@ouhsc.edux. 11259Event Coordinator, Nicholson Conference Center
Mount, Anthony G.College of Medicineanthony-mount@ouhsc.edux. 46287Multimedia Education Specialist
Nealis, Ron J.OU-Tulsa Relationship Manager
New HireCollege of Public Health@ouhsc.edux. 46696LAN Support Specialist
Nguyen, RodneyOU-Tulsa IT (College of Medicine) Support Specialist
Padua, SaturnAcademic Media & Digital Servicessaturn-padua@ouhsc.edux. 49864Multimedia Education Specialist
Pham, Thai Q.Office of the Senior Vice President and Provostthai-pham@ouhsc.edux. 48827IT Analyst
Porter, Heath A.OU Physicians Information Systemsheath-porter@ouhsc.edux. 54219LAN Support Specialist
Rahimi, Ardavan "Devin"College of Nursingardavan-rahimi@ouhsc.edux. 49112User Support Specialist
Rodriguez, Joey A.College of Allied Healthjoey-rodriguez@ouhsc.edux. 43410LAN Specialist, College Information Systems
Rodriguez, Jose A.OU-Tulsa Education Technician
Sangaran, SamOU IT Mission Support (Information Professional Support)sam-sangaran@ouhsc.edux. 12262Sr. IT Support Analyst
SKC Communications Video Support opt.2NOTE: Provide Polycom Model, Ser. #, S/W Version and Issue.
Tier 2 Support
Teague, Derek R.College of Allied Healthderek-teague@ouhsc.edux. 43412IT Manager, College Information Systems
Wanzer, DonOUHSC Administration and Financedon-wanzer@ouhsc.edux. 18285Senior Systems Administrator
Ward, Charlie H.University Hospitals Authority and Trustcharlie-ward@ouhsc.edux. 44147Director of Facility Solutions

Turnpike Team History

The “Turnpike Team” was initially created in 2002 under the leadership of Dr. Kari Boyce as a working committee to determine and set the new standards going forward in relation to distance education delivery between the three campuses. At the time the two HSC campuses were transitioning from unreliable OneNet Grassvalley systems to pure IP-based H.323 systems for videoconferencing.

Since then the Team has been a governing influence binding the colleges to the AT video standards adopted between the HSC campuses. The Team’s focus and breadth has expanded over the years to encompass areas of standardization in regards to all classroom technology, room control automation systems, room design and installation, video infrastructure and unified communications technologies. Team membership has reached into the non-academia related departments as videoconferencing technologies and service offerings have expanded.

The Turnpike Team is chaired by OUHSC Academic Technology staff. The Team hosts bi-monthly meetings and invites representatives from the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, Public Health, Dentistry, and Pharmacy as well as OU Physicians-IT, Peds-IS, HSC-IT and UHAT. Representatives are typically supporting Tier 1’s, but also include some administrative staff and faculty members. Membership is voluntary.

Team members are typically decision makers responsible for all learning and collaboration spaces and the technology housed within. Standing agenda items include but are not limited to video infrastructure updates, new products or features discussion (with or without vendor representation), AT standards review, and a round-table discussion.