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Brightspace by D2L Overview

Brightspace by D2L is OUHSC's Learning Management System (LMS). D2L provides one location for all course materials and assignments. D2L makes sharing and organizing content easy and will track student progress. You can create dropbox, quiz and discussion board assignments to assess learning outcomes and associate these assignments with your grade book all within D2L. Explore the links in the menu to the left to learn more.

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**HIPPA, PHI Warning**

  • NOTE:  Do not store any PHI related content in our D2L system. While D2L adheres to the strictest standards for keeping information private, there is no such thing as perfect security and D2L cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any data that is received and stored in D2L's Cloud.

Operational Status of Brightspace by D2L

Check for tri-campus service disruptions here: Look for the status indicator as shown below.