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Brightspace by D2L Overview

Brightspace by D2L is the official learning management system of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (HSC) and Tulsa HSC campuses. 

Brightspace provides instructors with the ability to distribute course information, accept digital assignments, communicate, assess online, and provide feedback to students.  Students gain access to Brightspace courses by official Peoplesoft enrollment.  Instructors may also request to add other faculty and staff to their course(s).

The main tools and features provided in each Brightspace course shell are: 

  • News: post announcements to the class
  • Content: post files which generally includes MS Office files, PDFs, images, links to websites, and links or embedded videos 
  • Assignments: students can submit electronic files for grading or information collection 
  • Discussions: tracked online conversation between enrolled learners, which are gradable if desired 
  • Quizzes and Surveys:  assess students online 
  • Grades: post individual grades and comments for students to review online 
  • Classlist: a roster of enrolled students with email communication capabilities 
  • Basic User Stats: tracks site usage and various accessed tools/features by enrolled students

To log on go to: 

Explore the links in the menu to the left to learn more.

**HIPPA, PHI Warning**

  • NOTE:  Do not store any PHI related content in our D2L system. While D2L adheres to the strictest standards for keeping information private, there is no such thing as perfect security and D2L cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any data that is received and stored in D2L's Cloud.

Operational Status of Brightspace by D2L

Check for tri-campus service disruptions here: Look for the status indicator as shown below.