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Welcome to the Office of Academic Technology

Academic Technology/Academic Media are offices under the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development umbrella that provide core media services, support, consulting and training.

D2L access ends June 14, 2024

The IT Executive Steering Committee (ITESC) tasked the Teaching and Learning Technologies Advisory Committee (TLTAC) to transition the learning management system (LMS) for Health Sciences programs from Brightspace by D2L to Canvas. VISIT THE PAGE HERE: 


 Faculty Training Resources 


Decommission of Brightspace by D2L before June 15, 2024.

QUESTIONS? Click "Contact Us" button at

Access Canvas at CANVAS.OU.EDU.

For Faculty

Academic Media (AM)

Academic Media offers a wide variety of services for the HSC community: 

Click the Academic Media menu link above to learn more about AM offerings.

Faculty Development Events

View the calendar for all Faculty Development events/training opportunities here.