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Zoom Videoconferencing

How to Get Zoom

Obtain a Zoom account by doing the following:

1) Browse to

2) Select the "Sign In" option. Use your email address.


1) Browse to

2) Download the the Zoom client application from the link at the bottom of the page.

View step-by-step instructions here: Zoom Client Installation and Sign In Instructions

What if I need a Zoom Webinar license?

There is a charge for Zoom Webinar licenses as well as other premium additions. Your supporting Tier 1 needs to be involved in this process.

Contact your Tier 1 to work with you during this purchase process. Find your Tier 1 here:

Where to Find Support for Zoom

1)    Please contact your Tier 1, see link above.

2)    FOR GENERAL ZOOM SUPPORT QUESTIONS, please call (405)325-HELP (4357) and choose option 2



3)    Watch this quick video to guide you through downloading, signing up & signing into Zoom.


4)    Browse to

        a) Locate the "Support" button at the bottom of page. 

Also, view the OUHSC Zoom Acceptable Use Policy and Zoom Quick Reference Guide to get started.

Additional help, navigate to the Frequently Asked Questions webpage for lots of additional help resources.