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Zoom Videoconferencing @ OUHSC

How to create your OUHSC Zoom Account

HSC users with the following PeopleSoft “Titles” are automatically given a Zoom for HIPAA Pro license: Faculty, Staff, Student, Affiliate, Resident, Volunteer, & Fellow.

Steps to create your OUHSC Zoom account:

1) Browse to

2) Select the "Sign In" option. 

3) Sign in using your email address and university password

4) Sign in. If you do not have the Zoom client installed, see below.

5) View and download the HSC Academic Technology Zoom Quick Reference Guide 

How to Install the Zoom Client on your computer

View step-by-step instructions here: Zoom Client Installation and Sign In Instructions or watch this quick video that will guide you through downloading, signing up & signing into Zoom.

Zoom for HIPAA

All Health Sciences Center Zoom accounts reside in a secure, HIPAA-compliant Zoom environment. All HSC Zoom users are already enrolled in this service. For more information, please download the document explaining these measures here. 

What if I need a Zoom Webinar or Large Meeting license?

Users can request a loaner Zoom Webinar (100 or 500 Participant) license if they do not believe their department will need to purchase an annual license. These loaner Webinar licenses are first come first serve. Users will receive their license at minimum 48 hours prior to their event dates and will have the license revoked at minimum 24 hours after their event. If a department is needing to run registration, they can open registration for a regular Zoom meeting and convert that meeting to a webinar.

Users will also need to run any reports needed prior to the revoking of the loaner webinar license.

For loaner Zoom Webinar license requests, please go to the OU IT Service Catalog and select the “REQUEST LOANER LICENSE” under the “Request” tab. Fill out and submit the form.

Colleges/Departments that wish to purchase a Zoom Add-On Webinar or Large Meeting license for the year, should also contact their Tier 1 Videoconferencing Support. Here are the differences between Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings. Zoom Webinars can be purchased in 100, 500 and 1000 participant licenses while Zoom Large Meetings can be purchased in only 500 and 1000 participant licenses.

To purchase a Zoom Add-On Webinar or Large Meeting license, please go to the OU IT Service Catalog and select the “PURCHASE ADD-ON LICENSE” under the “Request” tab. Fill out and submit the form. NOTE: Please make sure the “Point of Contact” is the billing contact.

Where to Find Support for Zoom

Step 1 - CONTACT YOUR TIER 1. Here is a list of HSC Tier 1 Videoconferencing Support contacts. 

Step 2 - FOR GENERAL ZOOM SUPPORT QUESTIONS, please call (405)325-HELP (4357) and choose option 2.

FOR ALL OTHER ZOOM RELATED INQUIRIES, please email and include your Tier 1 Videoconferencing Support contact in the email.

Zoom Help Center Resources

Browse to

     a) Locate the "Support" button at the bottom of page.

     b) Enter your search topic in the “How can we help?” search field.

c) Browse to the Frequently Asked Questions webpage for additional Zoom resources.