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Instructional Technologies

Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace by D2L is the learning management system used at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and is administrated by the Office of Academic Technology under the Office of Faculty Development and Academic Affairs.  

NOTE:  Brightspace by D2L is sometimes referred to as Brightspace or D2L across HSC.

Accessing Brightspace at HSC

OUHSC Brightspace Your login will be your HSC username and password.  You will want to bookmark this for future use. If you have problems logginging, contact the IT Service Desk to verify your credentials.  

Useful Tips to Getting Started & Using Brightspace

  1. You can download the Brightspace Learner Intro Guide for some tips about using Brightspace and navigating the main areas of the site.


  2. We recommend the use of Google Chrome on both Mac and Windows platforms. For more details on browsers supported by Brightspace, please review the Browser Support page. Update your browser to the latest version and always keep it updated.
  3. Install Respondus LockDown Browser as soon as possible.  Go into any of your courses, click Assessments, then you’ll see an option for LockDown Browser.  Follow the instructions.  Doing this as soon as possible ensures you have it installed before your first online quiz or exam. Be sure to regularly check the application for updates. If you have already installed it, check it for updates. It generally does not prompt automatically.
  4. Once logged into Brightspace, update your Brightspace personal settings including setting your notification settings. 
  5. Important tip when naming your documents before uploading to Brightspace, never use special characters in the name.  Only use letters and numbers when naming papers for example: ImaSoonerProject1.docx or JohnBoomerFinalProjectV2.docx.  The best way is to keep it simple! Your instructor may also provide specific naming instructions for assignments.

Before taking a quiz, be sure your browser is up to date, be sure you have downloaded Respondus LockDown Browser and that it is up to date as well.  Make sure you have no extensions on your browser as those can sometimes cause problems.

Get Help if Needed

If you need technical support for your doing things in your Brightspace course, go to the Brightspace Learners Help page. This is the official Brightspace help site that is updated frequently.  There are also videos linked below for each of the major tools.

The Student Resources widget on the My Home page contains links to Brightspace Help, Respondus LockDown Browser (sometimes referred to as LDB), as well as other IT specific links that may be useful. 

You can also visit D2L’s YouTube page and review the Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment series for Learners videos.

Your college may have specific instructions on how you are to receive assistance with your Brightspace courses, too.  Generally, course specific questions should be sent to your instructor.

Brightspace by D2L Student Training Course

A self-paced training course is available to students through Self Registration in the My Home navbar.  Click Self REgistration, then look for Student D2L Training Site and follow the prompts after clicking the course name to register and then access the course. 

Other Resources

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Brower is the software students download to their computer which locks the computer screen so only an online exam is visible. To download the software:

  • Login to Brightspace by D2L
  • Click the More tab in the top navbar
  • Click on LockDown Browser
  • The download defaults to the PC version. If you need the Mac version, click the link in the far left box that says “Do you need the Mac version?”
  • For more information on using Respondus LockDown Browser, click here to access their Quick Start Guide

Respondus Monitor

Some faculty may be required to give exams during this period of online coursework.  If so, they have been asked to use Respondus Monitor, a proctoring tool built into LockDown Browser that will record you during the exam session.  This will require the use of a webcam on your computer and you will be guided through a set of steps prior to the start of the exam.

  1. Step 1 is a webcam check to ensure the webcam on your computer is working properly.
  2. In Step 2, you will be asked to show your student identification card.
  3. Using your webcam, in Step 3, you will be asked to record a brief video of your examination setting (desktop, surrounding area) to ensure you do not have access to materials or other electronic devices.
  4. Step 4, the final step, takes a picture of you for facial recognition during the exam session.

Once you have completed this series of steps, the exam will begin.  A “Recording” icon will appear at the top right of the screen.

  • Do not attempt to exit the exam until you are finished.  Just as in LockDown Browser, you will not be able to print, copy, access other applications, or go to other websites during the exam.
  • When the exam is submitted, the webcam will stop recording and you will be able to exit LockDown Bowser.
  • Your instructor will receive a report and video of your exam session supplying red flags of any movement or action during the exam that could be cause for concern. 

Remember, the University’s academic integrity policies are in place and your adherence to those policies are expected no matter where/how you are asked to take your exams.


About the Qualtrics Survey Platform

Qualtrics is an online survey and analytics tool used to gather data and insights as well as conduct institutional research and generate reports. It is free for use by OUHSC faculty, staff and students.

Qualtrics and ePHI

The University of Oklahoma has executed a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Qualtrics allowing the Health Science Center health care components (HCC) to utilize the Qualtrics online survey and analytics tool with ePHI.

With this update, please know that the use of University PHI for research, analytics, and reporting is still governed by the University’s HIPAA polices ( If you have any questions, please reach out to the University’s HIPAA Compliance Team at

Qualtrics is still not authorized for FERPA data.

Accessing Qualtrics For the First Time:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your OUHSC username and password.

Note that the following steps may not show up for you, if you're able to successfully enter your HSC username and password and be presented with the Qualtrics page, you have successfully logged in.

  1.  On the next screen for Qualtrics you will choose: "No, I don't Have a preexisting account here"
  2. You will get a message that your user account was created successfully. Click the blue Sign In button.
  3. Next you will get a Terms of Service pop up.  Click "I Accept" (If you do not see this, please check your address bar for a pop-up warning)
  4. You are now logged into Qualtrics.

If you are unable to log in at all, please also contact

Support Resources

Qualtrics survey basics website

  • Step-by-step instructions for using Qualtrics

Survey distribution guide

  • Examples of how to distribute surveys without an EXTERNAL tag

Support Contacts

Your Qualtrics username and password are the same as your OUHSC credentials. If you need assistance with your OUHSC account, contact either the IT Service Desk in Oklahoma City or the IT Service Desk in Tulsa.

Options for Qualtrics Expert support:

  1. Website: Qualtrics Support
    1. Scroll to the bottom and click Contact Support
    2. Click "Sign in with SSO"
    3. Enter "ousurvey"
    4. Enter your account credentials
  2. Email:
  3. Call: 800-340-9194

For local assistance in Oklahoma City contact Academic Technology


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows people to connect to virtual classrooms and meetings rooms. The university has appropriated a basic license for students.

Why are we using it?

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, colleges have been asked torevise face-to-face classes in order to reduce community transmission of the virus during the Fall 2020 semester.  Faculty and students need to be prepared to switch to online course delivery. In some colleges, instructors will provide a Zoom meeting link for your class to connect to within D2L.

Smartphone Installation

It is advised that you to use your laptop for class but iOS and Android apps are available.
App store links:

For more information, refer to the Zoom Quick Reference Guide for links to Zoom Help Center Topics

Zoom Pro Licenses for All Students

OU IT will provide Zoom Pro licenses for all students on the Norman, Health Sciences Center, and Tulsa campuses through Spring 2022. 

With your Zoom Pro license you can: 

Your license has already been applied to your OU Zoom account. To access your account, log in using Single Sign On (SSO) at or the Zoom desktop or mobile apps using your OUHSC username and password to take advantage of these new features.
  • If you have previously used a different password to login to Zoom directly, you will be prompted to login through SSO using your official address username and password. 
  • When scheduling Zoom meetings, you will now be prompted to select a "meeting purpose" which will allow better management and reporting for our campus. 
HIPAA Compliance
Beginning August 15th, 2020, the following changes will be in effect to conform to Zoom's HIPAA requirements:
  • No PHI available on reports or Dashboard
  • Cloud recording is disabled
  • In-meeting chat cannot be copied or saved
  • In-meeting file transfer is disabled
Need help?

Direct Zoom Help Line for Immediate Concerns
(405) 325-HELP (4357), Option #2

All other concerns, contact the OU IT Service Desk using the contact information listed below. 

OUHSC IT Service Desk
(405) 271-2203 or
Toll Free (888) 435-7486

OU-Tulsa IT Service Desk
(918) 660-3550

Zoom Security Button

Meeting hosts and co-hosts with the most updated Zoom version installed on their computers can use the Zoom Security Button to quickly turn on/off features such as the chat window. 

View documentation on using the Zoom Security Button here.

Zoom Security

  • Require Meeting Password – an 8-digit numeric password is required for ALL Zoom meetings scheduled after June 5, 2020.  For the highest security, passwords should not be shared outside of intended participants.

Zoom support is also provided through the following channels: