The next Faculty Senate meeting will be January 16, 2020 in the Provost's Conference Room (223)

The meeting will also be broadcast to the Tulsa Campus, Room 3G00

Meetings are open to all faculty members 


                                      2019-2020 Executive Committee and Senators  



Welcome to the HSC Faculty Senate!

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Faculty Senate is composed of members of the Regular Faculty of the Health Sciences Center. Each college on the campus is represented in the Senate according to a formula defined in the Charter of the Regular Faculty and Faculty Senate. Election of members for three-year terms is by vote of the Regular Faculty of each college.

The Senate exercises legislative powers as delegated by the Regular Faculty and has the power to initiate any legislation requiring approval of the Board of Regents of the University.

Meetings of the Senate are typicallly held on the third Thursday of each month with the exception of March, when the meeting will be moved to the fourth Thursday if Spring Break falls on the regular schedule. There are no meetings in July and December.

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