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Research Council

The charge of this council is to promote and develop research and creative throughout the university community. Members of this committee also recommend to the President, through the Senior Vice President and Provost, all those nominated faculty deemed by the Council to fully meet the criteria for selection of George Lynn Cross Research Professors.

Committee Makeup

7 HSC Faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate; VP of Research.


3 years, staggered terms.

Current Membership

Name College Term
Kathleen Dwyer Nursing 2021-2024
Carrie Ciro Allied Health 2021-2024
Satish Kumar
Medicine 2021-2024
Leonidas Tsiokas Medicine 2019-2022
Fernando Esteban Florez Dentistry 2020-2023
Sydney Martinez Public Health 2020-2023
Grant Skrepnek Pharmacy 2020-2023