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Committee on Committees

The charge of this committee is to nominate the slate of officer for the Faculty Senate, to recommend to the Senate nominees for all standing and special committees, to review the credentials of members of the Senate and to make appointments, in case of emergency, to other standing committees subject to approval by the Senate at its next meeting.

Committee Makeup

At least 6 members and at least 1 representative from each College on the HSC, except for the Graduate College. All members shall be Senators at the time they commence serving on the committee. The Chair-Elect of the Senate serves as Chair of this committee.


3 years

Current Membership


Name College Term
Eric Howard, Chair Graduate 2021-2022
Jennifer Bagley Allied Health 2021-2024
Sarah Vesley Public Health 2021-2024
Kathy Reilly Medicine 2019-2022
Carol Rogers Nursing 2020-2023
Paul Mullasseril Dentistry 2020-2023
Katherine O'Neal Pharmacy 2020-2023