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Core Values

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The OUHSC Police Department emphasizes the values of professionalism, integrity, respect, customer service, responsibility and accountability with all walks of life as we strive for excellence and continuous improvement. In so doing, we will adhere to the core values to guide our decisions and behavior.

Our core values are 




We will be professional in our daily actions, behavior, continued performance and maintain high standards of training and expertise by keeping abreast of new trends, standards, and technology in the field of public safety. We will maintain a dedication to duty and to maintaining public safety.


We value the dignity of every individual and understand ethnic and cultural diversity. We will treat citizens, co-workers, other agencies and their employees with respect regardless of the degree of respect we receive.


We are committed to honorable and ethical behavior in our daily interaction with the department, its members, other agencies and their members, and the community we serve. We are to always maintain the public trust.


We are dedicated to delivering a high quality of service that is fair, courteous, responsive and efficient.  We will be fair and impartial in the enforcement of law.  We also recognize the need to involve the community as partners in creating a secure and safe environment.


We strive to maintain the highest standards of training and technology to create a safe environment for our citizens and ensure that the citizens of this community receive the best care when we are called to perform our duties.