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Request Police Services for Special Events

* Beginning June 12, 2019, requests for special events that will be held after July 1, 2019, will be billed at the new rate of $65 per hour. 

Effective July 1, 2019, the pricing for Police Services for special events on the Health Sciences Center Campus has changed. The new rate is $65 per hour. Please note the following guidelines below.

  • The form below must be completed and submitted, along with the approval letter from the Vice President’s Office to serve alcohol (if your event is serving alcohol). Notification must be given at least five (5) business days prior to the event for scheduling the Officers for the event. Please submit the form to Please note that Officers must be present as long as there is alcohol present at the special event.
  • Form of payment can be made by cost transfer to the Campus Police Department. You may contact the Amyee Knipping, Personnel Coordinator, for the Campus Police at 405-271-3144 for questions regarding payment.
  • The rate of the services is $65.00 per hour, per Officer, with a minimum two-hour time limit for the event. Any event that is less than two hours, the department hosting the event will still be responsible for paying the Officers the two-hour minimum.  For rates on hiring off-duty officers for walks or race events please contact OUHSC Police Events Coordinator Cpt. Adams or Cpt. Jackson at 405-271-4300.
  • There is a 24-hour cancelation fee. If the Campus Police Department is not notified within 24 hours prior to the special event, that the event has been canceled, the requesting department will be responsible for paying the Officers the two-hour minimum. If the notification of cancelation is greater than 24 hours, no fee will be assessed. You may cancel this request by emailing
  • Effective February 2018, the duration of time entered for an event, and any time worked after, will be the amount billed to the department or entity. i.e. If a 3 hour duration is entered for an event, but it only lasts 2.25 hours, the department or entity will be billed for 3 hours.


Request Police Services Form

Provide the name of the event.
I acknowledge that I must sign and submit a written alcohol request form to the Campus Police Department
Additional details and special instructions.
If paying by Cost Transfer enter 'Fund Account Department Program Class Project' in the blank. If paying by check please enter 'N/A' in the blank and call Elizabeth Foreman at 1-405-271-3144 for payment arrangements.
By submitting this request, I hereby understand that in order for the Campus Police to be present at my event, I must have approval from either Student Affairs or the Vice President’s office prior to making arrangements if there is alcohol served. I also understand it is my responsibility to get with the Personnel Coordinator for the Campus police to ensure I have all of the information I need in order to pay the Police Officers who will be present at the event.