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Crime Log

The purpose of the daily crime log is to record all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the campus police department.

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Incident No.Sorted By Incident No. In Descending OrderIncident TypeCrime Date/TimeReport Date/TimeGEOLocationDisposition
23-0154Assault and Battery on Medical Personnel01/25/2023 15:3801/25/2023 15:38TCHTCH 1200 N Everett Dr.Closed-Victim Refuses to Cooperate
23-0152Larceny01/07/2023 07:32-08:0601/25/2023 12:15VLOklahoma Blood Institute 1001 N Lincoln BlvdOpen
23-0148Burglary 301/25/2023 02:3301/25/2023 02:33OEEmbassy Suites 741 N. PhillipsClosed by Arrest
23-0143Leaving the Scene of an Accident01/24/2023 07:30-17:0801/24/2023 17:08OUMCP1 Parking Garage 700 NE 13th StClosed
23-0137Leaving the Scene of an Accident01/23/2023 14:2001/23/2023 14:20UHATP2 Garage 1200 Children's Ave.Closed
23-0106Warrant Arrest/Assault and Battery on a Police Officer01/19/2023 09:3901/19/2023 09:39SLENE 8th and KateClosed by Arrest
23-0105Threats01/18/2023 22:0001/19/2023 04:07OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StOpen
23-0100Property Damage01/16/2023 14:2201/18/2023 11:28OUHSCRP ParkwayClosed
23-0089Property Damage/Leaving the Scene of an Accident01/16/2023 17:3001/17/2023 08:40SLENE 14th and LincolnClosed
23-0088Drug Law Violations01/16/2023 23:2901/16/2023 23:29SLE1000 Blk N Lincoln BlvdClosed
23-0083Public Intoxification01/15/2023 22:1701/15/2023 22:17OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed by Arrest
23-0072Assault and Battery on Medical Personnel01/14/2023 07:3701/14/2023 07:37OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed Charges Filed
23-0065Drug Law Violations/Trespass Issued01/12/2023 14:1501/12/2023 14:15OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed
23-0055Suspicious Activity01/03/2023 21:3001/03/2023 21:30UHATODH 1000 NE 10th StClosed
23-0047Larceny01/09/2023 18:3001/10/2023 10:42TCHTCH 1200 N Everett Dr.Open
23-0038Runaway Juvenile/Juvenile Recovered01/07/2023 13:2301/07/2023 14:05TCHTCH 1200 N Everett Dr.Closed
23-0037Larceny01/03/202301/07/2023 13:15OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StOpen
23-0033Larceny01/05/2023 19:00-20:0001/05/2023 21:34OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed Unfounded
23-0027Warrant Arrest01/04/2023 15:5001/04/2023 15:50SLENE 8th and LincolnClosed
23-0021Sexual Assault01/03/2023 21:0001/03/2022 21:15OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed Unfounded
23-0019Larceny01/03/2023 11:00-12:3001/03/2023 12:53OUHSCSCC Parking Garage 800 NE 10th StClosed
23-0018Larceny11/16/2022 08:00-01/02/2023 08:0001/02/2023 07:57OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed
23-0016Larceny12/21/2022 17:00-01/03/2023 09:3001/03/2023 09:30OUHSCWP 920 Stanton L Young BlvdClosed
23-0012Assault and Battery on Medical Personnel01/02/2023 10:2201/02/2022 10:22OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed-Victim Refuses to Cooperate
23-0011Larceny01/02/2023 09:30-09:5501/02/2023 09:55OUMCOUMC 700 NE 13th StClosed
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