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Animals on OUHSC Property

Animals in University Buildings and on University Property
Dogs, cats and other live pets will not be permitted in University buildings, including housing and property leased by the University, with the exception of service animals and animals that are used for bona fide research.
  1. All animals on University property must be kept on a leash or under the immediate supervision and control of the owner by some other restraining device. 
  2. All dogs must be vaccinated in accordance with the Code of the City of Oklahoma City, Ordinance No. 16356, Code 1980, Section 8-166. Each dog must be provided with a collar to which the vaccination tag must be affixed, and the dog's owner shall see that the collar and tag are continually worn in accordance with the Code of the City of Oklahoma City, Ordinance No. 16356, Code 1980, Section 8-168. ( Ordinances are listed below. ) 
  3. The presence of stray dogs on campus will be controlled through the City of Oklahoma City by which Oklahoma City Animal Control Officers may apprehend stray animals on University property and hold them in the City Pound until claimed by the true owner or disposed of after a reasonable amount of time.
  4. The policy regarding pets on University Properties will be enforced by the OUHSC Police Department. When a complaint about a pet is received, the OUHSC Police will substantiate the complaint and give the individual a suitable amount of time to make arrangements to have the pet cared for elsewhere. If the request is not honored or if the OUHSC Police has reason to believe the individual is not acting in good faith, this information will be given to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Administrative action will be taken to enforce the policy.

Stray, or injured/sick animals should be reported to the Oklahoma City Animal Control at 405-297-2255. 


§ 8-166. Rabies vaccination required for dogs or cats; exceptions.
All dogs and cats four months of age and older that are owned, kept, possessed or harbored within Oklahoma City shall be vaccinated against rabies by or under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Rabies vaccine shall be recognized for the duration of the vaccine used, i.e., vaccines with a labeled duration of one year, two years or three years will be recognized for one year, two years or three years, respectively. A rabies vaccination need not be obtained for a nonresident dog or cat which is currently vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian or which is visiting in this City and is in the custody of its owner for a period of 30 days or less, or when a veterinarian licensed in the State of Oklahoma certifies in writing that it would be detrimental to the animal's health to be vaccinated and places the animal on a health hold. If a veterinarian releases the animal from the health hold, the animal shall be vaccinated within ten days of release. On demand of an Animal Welfare Officer or other authorized official, the owner or keeper of any dog or cat must present a completed and signed vaccination certificate for the animal that includes the type and duration of the vaccine administered.
(Ord. No. 16356, § 1(7-2.12(a)), 8-25-81; Code 1980, § 8-169; Ord. No. 19280, § 2, 9-5-89; Ord. No. 22385, § 1, 1-21-04)

§ 8-167. Issuance of metal rabies vaccination tag.
A metal rabies vaccination tag having the telephone number of the administering veterinarian shall be issued for each vaccinated animal.
(Code 1980, § 8-169.1; Ord. No. 19280, § 3, 9-5-89)

§ 8-168. Rabies vaccination tags; securing and removing; transfer prohibited; manufacture or possession of stolen, forged or counterfeit tags, etc., prohibited.
(a) A current rabies vaccination tag shall be secured to the vaccinated animal, and shall not be removed except when the animal is being kept in an approved kennel, veterinary hospital or is appearing in an approved show, training event or field trial. Any tag which has been removed from an animal must be kept in the possession of the person with custody of the animal and must be immediately displayed upon request by law enforcement personnel.
(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to transfer any rabies vaccination tag to an animal other than the animal to which it was issued.
(c) It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, cause to be manufactured or have in his possession a stolen, counterfeit, or forged rabies vaccination tag, or rabies vaccination certificate.
(Code 1980, § 8-169.4; Ord. No. 19280, § 3, 9-5-89)