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Clery Information

Campus Security Policy

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Police Department provides law enforcement services on the Oklahoma City campus. Anyone who is the victim of or observes a crime should contact the Police Department (OUHSC PD) 1-4911 from any on-campus telephone. A follow-up will be conducted of any reported crime for which sufficient information is provided to enable officers to carry out an investigation. All crimes should be reported to enable the police to best utilize their resources.

Officers of OUHSC PD are commissioned and sworn peace officers as authorized by state law and have full law enforcement authority and powers. Additional non-commissioned uniformed employees (Security) provide patrols in various sections of campus, including residential Housing, the academic area, and various locations on the HSC Campus. OUHSC police officers are on duty 24 hours daily year-round. HSC has a campus-wide outdoor emergency telephone network. Crime awareness programming is provided for new students each fall and upon request to students or student groups throughout the year. OUHSC PD also provides brochures on several prevention topics, from malicious telephone calls to sexual assault. OUHSC PD works closely with HSC Student Affairs to develop and deliver new and additional programming as needs are identified.

HSC campus facilities normally are open for access during conventional business hours. Security hours for academic facilities are established by the budget unit which controls them.

 OUHSC PD maintains an excellent working relationship with the Oklahoma City Police Department, and local law enforcement agencies, which routinely informs OUHSC PD of crimes occurring off-campus that involve or may be of concern to students. The University of Oklahoma HSC operates no off-campus housing or off-campus student organization facilities. If OUHSC PD is contacted about criminal activity occurring off-campus involving an OU HSC student(s) the OUHSC PD having no jurisdiction will be limited to information sharing, coordination, and cooperation with the investigating agency upon request.

Possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are regulated by state law. The university has a policy on the prevention of alcohol abuse and drug use on campus and in the workplace. This and other policies are disseminated in the Student Handbook and the Faculty and Staff Handbooks. This annual security report is prepared in compliance with 20 USC 1092 (f), the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, which is disseminated to all employees and current students and is available to prospective students and employees on request.

In addition, OUHSC PD participates in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report program through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

These statistics include additions to what is required by the Federal Campus Crime and Security (Clery) Act.  Detailed information concerning the OUHSC Police Department and the many safety and security programs we have to offer can be found at Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns by calling (405) 271-4300 or email us at

Reporting a Crime on Campus

You may report criminal activity or other emergencies in several different ways at the Health Sciences Center: Dial 1-4911 from any campus phone to report emergencies; contact a Police Dispatcher from any outdoor campus emergency phone, or elevator in any campus building by picking up the receiver (which automatically rings into our dispatch, or by dialing in the three-digit code shown on the phone); report suspicious conditions to a police officer on patrol; report any situation to an administrator, or STOP BY in person at the OUHSC Police Department Headquarters, located at 934 N.E. 8th Street, OKC 73104.

If you have questions; would like to discuss a problem with a senior police official, and do not desire to come to the headquarters to do so - or, would like to keep your discussion confidential, you can send an e-mail to: