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Emergency Communication System (ECS)

The University of Oklahoma’s Emergency Communication System (ECS) enables the University to send time-sensitive notifications about emergency situations to all students, faculty, staff, and identified campus affiliates. These urgent messages will be transmitted to all available voice service, e-mail and text messaging options listed for your account. It is up to you to provide and confirm the contact information for the messages to reach you. The messages will provide information and instructions for action during a given situation.

The effectiveness of the ECS is dependent on the accuracy of the contact information in the system. It is suggested that you enter a personal cell phone number as your primary cell phone and that you select the “Text Message” option for this number. (Please note that you may incur additional charges for text messaging on your cell phone depending on your service provider.) Contact information from the campus information systems is transmitted nightly to the ECS to update the system. This information will not be shared with other entities and it will be kept private and confidential.

To check or update your contact information, please go to:

  • HSC Employees and Students Self-Service (
  • Identified campus affiliates: Contact Captain Adams or Captain Jackson at the OUHSC Police Department 405.271.4300

You can view step-by-step instructions here:

How does an identified campus affiliate update their ECS information?

Identified representatives of affiliated organizations should call OUHSC Police Department at 405.271.4300 to update contact information or to change contacts.

The ECS uses contact information from the appropriate campus information applications to send the emergency notifications. This means you could receive a voice message on your cell phone, an e-mail message to your mailbox, and a text message to your cell phone based on the information you provide. Other additional contacts such as a home phone or alternate cell phones would also receive the messages.

OUHSC Police Department will test the system three times a year. These messages will be clearly identified as test messages from the Emergency Communication System. It is up to you to provide and confirm the contact information so the ECS can reach you.

The ECS will help provide a safer environment and enhance our emergency preparedness by keeping our students, faculty and staff informed during emergency situations.