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Crime Prevention Services

Crime Prevention


Police departments throughout the world are becoming more involved in making recommendations on building designs of new construction projects to enhance their security or defensive plan. Because of this, buildings are now becoming safer and crime is being reduced. Cities and universities realize that police department's input into building projects is imperative in reducing crime to the point that some cities and universities have mandated police input by passing ordinances and policies requiring police departments' review of all new building projects.

Security Assessments
In addition to making recommendation during the conception of the building, individual departments also can request security assessments and threat assessments of their present buildings and offices to determine vulnerabilities and to make recommendations to improve the area's security. The department will receive a report stating the strengths and weakness and recommendations for improvement.

If you are interested in having your area surveyed and assessment for improved security enhancement contact the Oklahoma University HSC Police Department's Director of Emergency Management Captain Dalton Jackson at 405-271-6963.