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Department Personnel


Nate Tarver, Chief of Police                         
Deputy Chief Terry Schofield, Patrol Commander 405-271-6463
Elizabeth Foreman, Administrative Coordinator 405-271-3144
Richard W. Gullotto, Access Control 405-271-3286
Captain George Schmerer, CID & Support Services Section 405-271-4063
Captain Richard Adams, Administration Section 405-271-3211
Captain Dalton Jackson, Emergency Preparedness Management   405-271-6963

Patrol Supervisors

Captain Jim Martin
Shift 1          Extension 49115
Lieutenant  Dennis Morrison
Shift 1          Extension 49012
Lieutenant Brad Carroll
Shift 1          Extension 49011
Captain Dustin Markgraf
Shift 2          Extension 49123
Lieutenant James Rose
Shift 2          Extension 49029
Lieutenant Taylor McKinney
Shift 2          Extension 49027
Captain John Wilson
Shift 3          Extension 49009
Lieutenant Payton Boshell
Shift 3          Extension 49114
Lieutenant Zachary Knight
Shift 3          Extension 49010

Police Dispatchers

Chris Johnson, Supervisor

Staff Member Contact:

Disclaimer: Do not rely on this email for any emergency services. Do not use this email address to report a crime. In the event of an emergency please dial 405-271-4911.