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Effective June 28, 2017, the 911 call service to OUHSC Police Department has been disconnected and is no longer in effect.
All 911 calls will be answered by the Oklahoma City Police Department Communications Center.
If you need the OUHSC Police to respond please call 271-4911 or ext. 1-4911.
However should you dial 911 and get OCPD communications center, simply ask them to transfer your call of OUHSC PD.
There is little to no delay when they transfer the call to us.  Please note that should you ever dial 911 and immediately hang up
OCPD communication will call you back.  This is called an abandoned call and they call back to see if the caller is in distress.
Once the last digit of 911 is pressed that call is captured and will go through to OCPD communication center.  So be aware of this.
If you need the OUHSC police to respond please utilize the following options:
  • Dial 405-271-4911 from a landline or mobile phone or dial 1-4911 (landline only)
  • Dial 911 from any phone. Just understand that this call will go to OCPD and you must ask to be transferred to OUHSC Police Department .
Keep in mind you must specify OUHSC Police Department.  If you say OUPD or OU Police Department you may be transferred to the Norman campus.
If you need an ambulance or the fire department dial 911.  You can also call 1-4911.  We will immediately transfer that call to the OCPD Communications Center.
If your work area is equipped with panic buttons, those will still come to the OUHSC police dispatch center.
Other things to consider.  Should you call 911 in need of assistance, especially if using a mobile phone, you must give the best description you can of your location or location of the incident for which you are calling for.  For example – Basic Sciences Education Building, 3rd floor near room 333, HSC campus.  When calling 911 from an HSC landline the OCPD call taker will not see your extension number.  They will only see 271-0000 with the address of 1100 N. Lindsay.  Your mobile phone will show your mobile number, however it does not show your location.  Under certain emergency situations we can request your mobile provider to “ping” your mobile phone to give an us an idea of your location.  But at best it will tell us what building you are in, not the floor you are on if in a multilevel building.
One more thing.  Should you dial 911 from an HSC campus landline, although that call will be answered by OCPD Communications Center, we are immediately notified in the OUHSC police dispatch center. Our dispatchers have the ability to only listen to that call.  We cannot interact with the caller.  The benefit to this is that our dispatchers call dispatch our officers immediately if needed.  This feature DOES NOT work with mobile phones.
Lastly, if there are questions or concerns, please continue to let me know so we can address them.  We want everyone to be as clear as possible on how this all works. We also want everyone to feel confident that we can and will respond in the most expeditious manner possible.  We are committed in our efforts to create a safe work and educational environment for all on this campus.  Thank you all for helping us in this endeavor.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the OUHSC Police Department at our administrative number of 405-271-4300.
Nathaniel Tarver, M.A.
Chief of Police
Campus Police / Public Safety


Information about the Zika Virus and travels outside the U.S.

The links below contain important information from the CDC about the Zika virus: symptoms and potential health risks, warnings about travel to affected countries, and recommended prevention steps. This information is especially important for young women. Men should take note as well because transmissions through sexual intercourse have also been reported.The CDC is currently recommending that women who are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, not travel to affected countries.

Please continue to monitor the CDC web sites for further updates and announcements.

Zika Virus Information

Zika Travel Information

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