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Budget and Planning Committee

The function of the Budget and Planning Committee is to plan, create and review an overall budget for the Staff Senate that includes anticipated revenues and expenditures for all Staff Senate activities during the fiscal year.  

Current Membership

Name Term Office
Paula Cockrell 2021-22 Chair/ Treasurer
Nancy Geiger 2022 Chair
Kyndall Wahkinney 2022 Chair Elect
Nancy Geiger 2021-22 Past Chair
Kelli Dyer 2020-21 Chair, Communications
 Sarah Smith  2021-22 Co-Chair, Employee Recognition
 Carol Clure 2021-22 Co-Chair, Employee Recognition
Paula Cockrell 2021-22 Co-Chair, Fundraising
 Vacant 2021-22 Co-Chair, Fundraising
Nancy Geiger 2021-22 Co-Chair, Staff Events
Kyndall Wahkinney 2021-22 Co-Chair, Community Outreach 
Jennie Robison 2021-22 Co-Chair, Community Outreach
Carol Clure 2021-22 Admin. Coordinator

Committee Details

  • Staff Senate Standing Committee
  • Consists of the following members:
    • Staff Senate Chair
    • Staff Senate Chair Elect
    • Staff Senate Past Chair
    • Staff Senate Treasurer
    • Staff Senate Communications Chair
    • Administrative Coordinator for the Staff Senate
    • Chairs (or Co-Chairs) of each Staff Senate committee that expends funds, to include but not limited to:
      • Employee Recognition Committee
      • Fundraising Committee
      • Staff Events Committee
      • Community Outreach Committee
  • Chair of the committee is the Treasurer of the Staff Senate