Staff Events Committee (was Staff Week)

The function of the Staff Events Committee is to coordinate Staff Week activities, including, but not limited to, planning, organizing, budgeting, and carrying out of the events.

NOTE: The number of members on this committee is not restricted. All staff who wish to participate in this committee should contact the Staff Senate

Current Membership

Name Term Department
Leslee Smith,  Co-Chair  2019-20  College of Allied Health
Dannielle Dosher, Co-Chair 2019-20  Financial Services
Brenda Fox 2018-20 College of Allied Health
Crystal Keene 2018-20 Legal Counsel
Gregory Zornes 2018-20 Office of Provost - Project Mgr.
Elizabeth Charles 2018-20 Microbiology
Kaylie Stogsdill 2018-20 OU Physicians
Lori Frazee 2018-20 Student Financial Aid
Missy Warma 2018-20 Enterprise Risk Mgmt.
Nikki Neel 2018-20 OUHSC Parking
Shannon McConnell 2018-20 Enterprise & Risk Management
William "Will" Andrews 2018-20 OUHSC Parking
Allison Long 2019-21 Otorhinolaryngology
Allyson Farmer 2019-21 Stephenson Cancer Center
Eulean Hollis 2019-21 Obsetrics and Gynecology
Jan Quayle 2019-21 Medicine Office of the Dean
Miranda Jones 2019-21 Stephenson Cancer Center
Nathan Trinidad 2019-21 Dept. of Pediatrics
Thanh Nguyen 2019-21 CSETC Clin Skills Ed Tst Ctr.
Vicky Wilson 2019-21 HSC Library
Marty Walton 2018-20 Legal Counsel
Kelli Dyer 2019-20 Staff Senate Chair
Nancy Geiger 2019-20 Staff Senate Chair Elect

Committee Details

  • Staff Senate Standing Committee
  • Consists of at least eight (8) members, serving 2-year staggered terms (terms begin July 1 and expire June 30)
  • Chair of the committee is appointed annually by the Chair of the HSC Staff Senate
  • The Past Chair of the committee may serve in an advisory capacity